Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh teh schmexyness

Still working on some scheduling, watching Heroes, and looking through some photos. :D

Here are some more shots from Jimmy C and with Zui.

Also modeling some Scarlet Bliss Latex. Teh sex.

Also another shot from Kollin Bliss from like a month ago when we shot, haha. It's way cute. I loves it. Hair is by Jen Jennings.

Oh and I finally got this back from forever ago, it's an ad from Syke Energy Drink. Here you go guys.

Oh yeah, and I have lots of behind the scenes shots from when I shot with Tina Dolin in West Reading, PA during my Philadelphia trip. Sarah Beth Faison took them.

Myself and stylist Nicole Rae Styer.

Tina shooting!

Tina, myself and Nicole.

That's all for now, but more soon I prrrooommise.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Soooo behind..

Once again, gah.

SNAPMUP was great, besides the trip being a little hectic, and how much I hate NJ, what a crappy state. Gaaahhh.

Everything went well, I got to meet and see a bunch of wonderful fucking people, and I so can't wait to go back up to NYC. :D

But now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, getting schedules worked out for the next two months with traveling. NYC at the beginning of May, and San Fransisco at the end of May.

Am thinking of a MD trip in the middle of April sometime. :D Huurrrmm. I'll see about the B-more area or something.

I'm watching Degrassi and waiting to watch some of the new Heroes. Waaaahh. Yay.

Here are some shots from when I shot with Corwin whilst being in Philadelphia. Looking into scheduling another trip up there in the future as well. :]

The next is from when I visited Corrupt Image Data, and AKABody art, also the owners of Collective Chaos Design. AKABodyart did a panting on me, and it was beautiful. She's so talented, I also shot a corset for them, which was also amazing, cause I mean, they're so amazing, haha. Here's the shots.

I shot with Zui and Jimmy C last week. It was so much fun, lots of laughs, joking around, and delicious Subway. She had me laughing the entire time, she's a fun chick, so is Jimmy, and our escorts were f'n silly to the max. The shots are amazing!

I also modeled some of Scarlet Bliss Latex. It was beautiful.

More in a little while. :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

O snap blue.

Watching Evening with Kevin Smith 2 with my boyfriend and a few of our friends. About to go back home and try and get things done. I has work tomorrow. Christ.

But I do have some photos from Tina Dolin from when I was in Philly and that's my real reason for updating. :D

Monday, March 16, 2009


I am way exhausted. At my boyfriend's, and talking my head off about stuff. About to go to bed probably and go back home and get stuff ready for the weekend, maybe actually get some stuff cleaned up.

Slowly getting caught up on stuff, but it's still taking a while. :D

But here's a shot from David Hilton when I stopped in Baltimore.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am slipping..

More and more behind on updates lately. Thankfully I have been keeping up on my deviantart account which is the most behind right now, but I'm picking it up. Been working a lot, which isn't exactly what I signed up for, but what can you do.

Getting things ready for SNAPMUP, and this weekend I'm shooting with Luminous Impressions and Zui. Should be fun! :D

I've also been thinking of making a video lately of FAQ's. I don't have too many FAQ's, but if you wish, post some questions here, and whatever ones are asked the most I will answer! I has a few lined up already, plus, it'll be an awesome excuse to finally make a video! Haha.

Other than slipping behind on updates but still attempting a social life, not much has been up, I miss my boyfriend a lot and sort of wish I had more time on my hands again. But none the less, I still have a lot of pictures to update with, and here you go!

Photos by David Hilton. Stopped in Baltimore on the way home from Philadelphia. He was a lot of fun, and we got to run around outside quite a bit. :D

Shots from back in February, from Kollin Bliss, I'm glad to finally have these back, they're beautiful! :D Hair is by Jen Jennings. We had a lot of fun, especially with tricking everyone with my hair being so short, haha!

From M Stephens Photography from when I went to Boston also in February. Shot in the basement, it was a bit chilly. :]

From one of my favorite photographers I've worked with, and in general, Corwin Prescott and I shot till about 3 AM Saturday night while I was in Philadelphia. I really wish we could've shot more, but hopefully we'll have more opportunities in the future. We also had a variety of inside jokes from the weekend and he was a lot of fun to be around. :D I feel great when I can be around someone I can joke around with, and they actually.. get it. .... Ladies.

Hope everyone's doing good. Ontop of being behind, I need to clean so bad. :0

Friday, March 13, 2009

I just wanna say..

I was naked a lot this trip, haha. I'm quite teetering on the borderline of nudes, but I know my reasons why I won't do nudes and I stand by them. :D Just was noticing how naked I was, haha.

But definitely have a lot more photos from my trip to Philadelphia, and coming back home and such. I have to work tomorrow, bleh, just cleaned up after my cats, have a few errands to do today. Been trying to spend time with my boyfriend while I can. :] And listen to music loud and obnoxiously! Woooo.

I wanted to go out dancing last night, but sadly didn't get a chance to, boyfriend was feeling well. :[

Getting stuff ready for Snapmup! Who's going? Also, would anyone be interested in buying some of my prints? I'm thinking of printing off of a few.

I'll stop yapping, here's some shots!

Shots taken by Tina Dolin, make-up by Roxy, and styling (everything except the black outfit) by Nicole Rae Styer. Like I said in my previous entry, I had so much fun with Tina and the whole team. Everyone was great, and Tina's just amazing. I feel like we collaborated so well. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

I stopped in Baltimore Sunday night, stayed with a few really great friends of mine. Got up the next morning and went and shot in Towson with David Hilton. he was great to work with, we spent most of the day outside, and that was an amazing change! I'm so glad to see a little bit of warm weather, I can't wait to get outside. :]

That's it for now, still really backed up on stuff, but am trying to catch up. I don't have much booked in the next few weeks so that'll definitely give me plenty of time to catch up on stuff more.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh wow, what a trip!

So I had this really long blog written out and then blogger deleted it, I am way too tired to even begin trying to figure out how the hell to rewrite it without stabbing my eyes out.

Instead, I'll just put up pics, and a small brief note. Sorry guys.

But briefly, I went to Philadelphia, shot with some really amazing people, and had a damn good time.

This is back from when I went to Boston, photo by Cannibalized, you will be able to see the rest if the set on www.poisonapplez.com. We stuck me in this little tiny box nekkid, haha. It's a beautiful set, it really is.

This is back a few weeks ago shooting with Kimberly Frost, this set was amazing, so much stuff to play with. Make-up by Vamps and Vixens Make-up.

These shots are the first from my Philly trip! Shot by Serena Star, and make-up done by her as well (her make-up profile). Belly dancer outfit, and top hat made by Scarlet Fairy. What an amazing team. Serena's a lot of fun, and we had a lot of fun shooting, we both love flowers and ruffles. xD

One of my favorite photographer's I've worked with ever! Seriously. Tina Dolin is a genius, and so easy to work with. :D The make-up was done by Roxy and the styling (in everything except for the creepy umbrella pictures) was done by Nicole Rae Styer.

I'll be updating more soon, I'm really backed up on stuff right now. :3