Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fuck, I'm hungry.

I am absolutely starving, there's like nothing to eat in this house. I may go and grub on some more cereal. :3

I'm getting ready to go out to VA Beach soon, letting my clothes dry, gonna pack up my stuff, get dressed and whatnot and sit around until probably 4 or 5 so I can get there around when Mike gets off work. :D Yeyz.

Have work again on Monday, boos. It's nice working and all, but it does sort of suck, cause I have to be up at like 5 in the morning!

I passed out crazy early last night too, made me feel like such an old lady.

But I am going to put up some more photos that Enjen Photography sent me of the construction paper glasses project. They're so cute! >D

Friday, February 27, 2009


So I have been pretty busy with my day job, getting business cards done with Louis (who is an amazing illustrator and graphic designer, and a very good friend of mine. Check him out.) We also went out and got some food and milkshakes tonight! Yuuusss.

And we left some signs around the restaraunt. I totally should have computerphonecamera'd it! Haha. It was pretty fun.

I had a shoot last night with Kimberly Frost and Vamps and Vixens Make-up. It was an amazingly elaborate set, and just really fun being around them. The pictures are going to be incredible, I know it! :D Yay! Can't wait to have them.

But I did get some stuff back from the runway show in Providence, RI two weeks ago when I visited Boston! The show was for and the photos were taken by Dastardly Dave

I do have some more shots from working with Jay London last weekend.

Oh, and I have photos back from working with Enjen Photography and her construction paper project. I was very intrigued, and it's so freakin' cute it hurts, haha. I love being silly, it made me happy to have a bit of a different thing going on than usual. And she was a lot of fun, and her house is really cool! Haha.

Going out to VA Beach this weekend since I don't have to work, yaaayy, and working with JMB Photography. Very excited. It'll be good to see my cats too. :]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey guys. :D

So my birthday was pretty fun. I went out with my friend Jen, got some sushi, and had my first drink, haha. I only had one, cause I had to drive. xD

I went out for a little while, my boyfriend got me the phone I wanted, yay for boyfriend! And my mom made me a cake, so we got to do the whole singing happy birthday thing!

I went out again last night and had two drinks. It was pretty fun, I hadn't been out to a club in forever, so it was a lot of fun. :]

Oh and in more personal news, I got a day job! Haha. At a bagel shop, I told them that my main priority is modeling right now and they are way fine with it. It's very cool. I'm pretty excited to start tomorrow morning. A nice steady paycheck will be sweet. But I did get a new shot back from Johnny Rocket from where we shot last week, it's a nice shot, he said it's definitely one of his favorites. :]

I also got another shot back from Kollin a few weeks ago! Teh sexay Utz girl remake, hahaha. Hair is by Jen Jennings.

I worked with Jay London last week as well, he was really nice, we talked about the office a lot! (Which I am now on the 4th season and oh so excited about it!) He got some pretty shots of me, and here they are.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm officially 21 today.

Happy Birthday to me!

Probably won't do too much today, but I will be busy, will be on my normal updating route again tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who sent me gifts too! You're the best.

Friday, February 20, 2009

There's always more!

I sat around all day yesterday and finished getting caught up. And I did! Yay! Now everything's back to going in a normal pattern and it's nice. xD

I also watched the rest of The Office season two, and now I'm on season three. Love that show so much. It was a good day. :D

Except my cat's really won't listen to me at all! Booo.

I have some more shots from my Boston trip. The first ones are from Rana X and the top is by her as well, Exploration B is her wardrobe design. Check it out, it's absolutely gorgeous. She did a great job with post production. There's two of me. aaahhhhh.

This photo was shot by Cannibalized. She was really cool, we spray painted my feet white in the cold, and shot in her apartment's basement. xD The pictures are creepy and really incredible. I was so excited to shoot with her, I had to keep my fangirl squeels down to a minimum.

I also shot with M. Stephen Photography and we did a set for . It was actually the first time he set up all the lights by himself. It was way fun, in the fallout basement. xD It twas a tad bit cold though.

Oh and I have some shots back from Sarah Beth Faison, they's so pretty. Hee. The dress didn't really fit all that well, but it turned out amazing anyways. Kechelle did hair and it's awesome! Of course we were giggling the whole time, and it was raining! Hogeez, it let up a little while we were out, but it was gross outside.

Oh and enjoy this photo of my cat Jasper and I, haha. Oh, and don't hate, I was sitting around the house all day yesterday being soooooo lazy! In my glasses and pajamas. Oh and you can see Bearclaw's butt in the back, I couldn't get him to pose with me. xD

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sorry I've been gone for so long! Just been so backed up on everything lately.Hopefully I'll start to get back on track.

So I went to Boston and did quite a few sets for . And had a really great time the whole time I was up there. Everyone was really nice, and I so can't wait to go back up there and shoot again!

I got in about 11, and Matt Stephens took me out to get some foodage, talk a little, and then we were off to Dastardly Dave's studio at about 1 or 2, and started shooting. Dave was so much fun the entire time I was there. He's the nicest guy in the world and can't wait to see him again at SNAPMUP in March!

But we shot, it was really great. The next day I was up and we went out to finish up shooting with Dave again, and Bud Thorpe also got a shot of me at the end of the night for his infrared project.

One of the sets that Dave and I shot will probably go up on Zivity hopefully in the near future, I made a zivity page, if you have one, please add me!

Oh and a random add in, I was way excited about all the snow around the area, haha. It was soooo pretty.

And after the shoot with Dave I went out and shot with Rana X and she made me a top (Here's her wardrobe page Exploration B , her work is incredible, the gowns are ggooorrgeous.) She was a lot of fun, and she's so layed back, it was great. Plus, she has amazing taste in Coffee. xD

The next day I went out and shot with Cannibalized, we did two really awesome sets that I so can't wait to get back! She was a lot of fun, and her cats were sooo cute. She's really talented. :D

And then the next day I did a fashion in Providence, RI for the Fetish Flea Market. The designer was Eric X, and his amazing gas masks, goggles, and respirators, you can see them here at

It was so much fun, I met a lot of really great people, and got to dance around and be silly. I like seeing groups in different areas. Maybe because it's almost the exact same anywhere you go, haha. But I did miss my VA group. :] It's nice to be back, I don't really think that up north is really for me. Plus, their accents are pretty annoying. Haha.

I'm in VA Beach right now, I had a shoot with Sarah Beth Faison and Johnny Rocket yesterday. It was fun as always. Kechelle did hair for Sarah and I's first shoot, she's way talented, and a really laid back chick.

It's really nice to be back home. I missed my boyfriend and my cats a lot, haha.

So here are the photos, the first batch are from Dave. One of the sets will be posted on Zivity, and the rest will be on He's amazing, seriously!

And here's the shot from Bud Thorpe's infrared project. Came out crazy cool!

Oh, and even though we worked together yesterday, Johnny sent me a few images from way back in December. They're of course very pretty, Johnny's really great.

And the next shot is from BellaGore a few weeks ago. We got me all wet, and it was ssooo cold, hahaha.

I'm so behind on everything right now. Trying to catch up. Going to use the rest of today to do all that jazz.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wooo, traveling.

So, I had to cancel Katsucon for the weekend, since I have no money to go really, and it just seems like so much stress that I don't want to deal with right now.

Instead, I'm actually going to stay in the Boston/ New Hampshire area 'till Saturday now. Going to shoot more, and also do a runway show for a goggle and gasmask company. Even though I have no idea who they are really, it was extremely last minute since they had models drop out for them and now I just so happen to be in the area. Which is very neat, I am excited. :]

But it's been going great, been working with people, and just getting sets pulled out one behind the other. I actually have a zivity set now by Dastardly Dave, so let's hope that'll go amazing, and it will get votes.

But here's a shot from Kollin Bliss last week while I have a little bit of time to actually sit on the computer and do a few things, before I have to start running around again.

We did the UTZ potato chip girl, it's amazing, haha. We had too much fun with it, Jen Jennings did hair, it was fabulous.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rush, rush, rush.

Procrastination is terrible. I'm rushing to get everything before Boston done today. It's gotten a little complicated but I'm sure I can figure it out.

Nice thing is I'm not even worried about being bored on the train. I'm going to sleeeepp, and my boyfriend gave me some awesome books to read. :]

Rushing so I can go out walking while the weather's nice today. And enjoy it before I go somewhere entirely too cold!

But here's a shot from Sonar-UA, way back from my NY trip in December. Wanted to post it, because I think it's very pretty. He's a great artist, I'm very lucky to have worked with him.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Stress is a really terrible thing. It's sort of engrossing me as of right now. Plus, I'm trying to kick my coffee habit and it's making me extra sleepy when I'm trying to do things! Boooooo.

I'm still in VA Beach, had a shoot canceled on me. :0 But it's okay, I am just going to dye my hair today and it will make-up for it! :D Plus, I think the boyfriend and I may go out and get some nice nummy foods, which will be nice, since we rarely get to go out together anymore.

But right now I am in dire need of a shower and a bowl of cereal, haha.

I has pictures first. More back from Paper Moon Productions and make-up by her make-uping alias Glitterbaby. You have to love all these multi-talented people! Haha.

This set was really crazy, the styling also very intense, haha. My hair was so ridiculously teased I had to let conditioner sit in it for about 10 minutes. Also, the feather thing would not balance on my head correctly, it made posing a little difficult sometimes. But the pictures are really incredible, and Katie just makes me squeek everytime. Ontop of it, she's a really amazing person. For real. :]