Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm in VA Beach, about to start heading home in a bit. My cats are being insane, haha.

I got a package in today as well, someone sent me a really pretty corset as a birthday gift! Thank you! My first birthday gift, haha. :D It was very nice! Yaaayy! So excited, haha. Can't wait to shoot in it.

I'm going home today and have to start getting ready for Boston. Goin out and getting a few things done. Tomorrow I'm going to go out with a friend for a while and finishing up everything. Then Sunday I'll be leaving. :3

But I do have some new images back from Paper Moon Productions. They're from my trip to DC to work with her and Asylum. Make-up was done by Anna Evans MUA. They were wonderful to work with. Plus, I love ring flashes, I'm still giddy about it.

I really love these shots, I almost can't believe it's me. I've lost so much of my baby face and everyday I feel like I'm growing up a little bit more and looking more like a woman and not so much like a teenager. It's eery, because I can constantly look back and see the changes even in the last 6 months.

I'm done yapping, I promise. Here you go. xD

I also have shots from Corrupt Image Data from last weekend when I went to NOVA. Outfit (Top, skirt, and jewelry) and collar made by Collective Chaos Design. Hair was also done by CCD.

This shot was also done by Corrupt Image Data. It was a little weird, but it's really amazing. Another shot I can't even stop staring at, I can't believe it's even me. It's... hott. Haha.

Oh, and just got a call, not going to Boston till Monday now. :3

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