Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey guys. :D

So my birthday was pretty fun. I went out with my friend Jen, got some sushi, and had my first drink, haha. I only had one, cause I had to drive. xD

I went out for a little while, my boyfriend got me the phone I wanted, yay for boyfriend! And my mom made me a cake, so we got to do the whole singing happy birthday thing!

I went out again last night and had two drinks. It was pretty fun, I hadn't been out to a club in forever, so it was a lot of fun. :]

Oh and in more personal news, I got a day job! Haha. At a bagel shop, I told them that my main priority is modeling right now and they are way fine with it. It's very cool. I'm pretty excited to start tomorrow morning. A nice steady paycheck will be sweet. But I did get a new shot back from Johnny Rocket from where we shot last week, it's a nice shot, he said it's definitely one of his favorites. :]

I also got another shot back from Kollin a few weeks ago! Teh sexay Utz girl remake, hahaha. Hair is by Jen Jennings.

I worked with Jay London last week as well, he was really nice, we talked about the office a lot! (Which I am now on the 4th season and oh so excited about it!) He got some pretty shots of me, and here they are.

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Kita St. Cyr said...

Love those shots!

Congrats on the job :D