Saturday, February 7, 2009


Stress is a really terrible thing. It's sort of engrossing me as of right now. Plus, I'm trying to kick my coffee habit and it's making me extra sleepy when I'm trying to do things! Boooooo.

I'm still in VA Beach, had a shoot canceled on me. :0 But it's okay, I am just going to dye my hair today and it will make-up for it! :D Plus, I think the boyfriend and I may go out and get some nice nummy foods, which will be nice, since we rarely get to go out together anymore.

But right now I am in dire need of a shower and a bowl of cereal, haha.

I has pictures first. More back from Paper Moon Productions and make-up by her make-uping alias Glitterbaby. You have to love all these multi-talented people! Haha.

This set was really crazy, the styling also very intense, haha. My hair was so ridiculously teased I had to let conditioner sit in it for about 10 minutes. Also, the feather thing would not balance on my head correctly, it made posing a little difficult sometimes. But the pictures are really incredible, and Katie just makes me squeek everytime. Ontop of it, she's a really amazing person. For real. :]

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