Thursday, February 5, 2009


Been pretty busy lately. I really need to get better at scheduling, so things aren't just ontop of eachother in a million different locations, so yeah. I think I'm going to start learning how to pan some things out.

Getting ready to go to Boston this weekend, very very excited! Seem like a bunch of fun people, it'll be great, I'm sure. :] Just a long train ride booooo.

I went to the DC area yesterday with Jen Jennings. I shot a paid shoot with Chubs Photography, and then went and shot with Kollin Bliss on the way home. I had a really good time. I really should just give up and move up there! But I'd miss my people around here way too much, haha. :]

Can't wait to see images from both, especially Kollin! He's so much fun. >D

But I did get some images back from BellaGore today, and they're amazing. We shot in an abandoned house off the road in the middle of the east part of Richmond (I won't let it slip too much, haha). But it was crazy cool, so much random stuff in the middle of it, and you could tell it used to be a really pretty house, it's kind of sad. There was a huge bamboo forest in the back of it, with a really old broken down car in the middle of it. It was insane really.

As we were walking through the house, I followed her over a plank in the middle of a huge hole in the ground, well, she went first, and made it. I'm smaller than EVERYONE, if someone can do something like that, I know I can! I went across it and straight fell through the plank and hit the bottom of the hole in the floor, it wasn't too far down and I could easily get out and get to the other side of the room I was going for. It was so scary though! Haha. Plus, I cut my leg up a little bit, and still have some pretty small gashes near my knees. Beeauuttiifful. Haha.

But these pictures are after the fact, we shot through the house, it was really cool, and then we went back to her house and shot some studio style stuff. She's a lot of fun, and really amazing with make-up! We laughed and talked a lot about different things, and were just being plain girly. I love it. :D Lawl.

I'll shut up! Here's the photos! OH! And eat joor greens! :0

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