Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As of right now, I am in VA Beach, and forgot to pack underwear for the next few days. Gotta make a walmart trip. Blleeeehh. But in good news, I needed new underwear anyways. Can I afford it? Hell no. But that's what I get for being a dumb!

I didn't forget anything else atleast, not even my bag of bottled water I'm so psycho over.

In GOOD news, I already have one shot back from Asylum/Jason Harbour. And in it I'm not even wearing underwear! Haaaa! I experimented with doing full body implied nudes. I think they're really gorgeous, and would definitely think about it again in the future. But of course since I'm still in the experimenting phase, I'd be pretty picky about who I do them with. But here's the first shot. My back looks ripped! :D

:D. Yay. I may also be going to NYC for the "NYC Fantasy Photo Shoot Off", the weekend of the 18th. Just waiting for all the details. :[ I hate that part!

Atleast Philly is this weekend. I am very excited. My portfolio's gonna be amazing by the end of this month! Let's hope so anyways! Heeee.

It's also strange, I've actually come up with rates, since for this month my TFP is slowly slowing down, I am so insanely booked, I'm always falling behind on messages. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. It's nice to be so busy, and feel like my time is wanted at this moment. Means I'm getting somewhere!

New Year's Eve is tomorrow! :D

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's coming!

Merry Belated Christmas! Hope it was fun for everyone! And the new year is on it's way.

I had a really extensive shoot this past weekend in DC with a really awesome team. Team cool studios that is! Haha. It was with Jason Harbour/Asylum, Katie Freeman/ PXE / Papermoon Productions/ Glitterbaby, and Miss Anna Evans.

We shot so many sets, my portfolio's gonna be brand new by the time I'm done with it, haha! They were ridiculously amounts of fun. I was so comfortable around all three of them, it's nice to be around people you really feel like you can connect with on a more personal basis. In other words, it's nice to be around other people who are just as geeky as me sometimes, and like to make jokes out of everything. Heeeeee.

In other shooting type news, I got some photos back from Alex, from my NYC trip just a few weeks ago. It was FREEZING out that day btw! The pictures came out beautifully, he's a really amazing photographer. Gah, I just keep remembering how cold it was, haha. Everyone that day was a trooper to me, it was insane.

Happy New Year! :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Johnny and Bautista.

Got a new shot from Christopher Bautista today. Make-up, hair, and styling by Elizabeth Tolley.

We did some extra stuff laying on the hard wood floor of the living room. It made the colors pop out even more! It was fun trying new poses and stuff.

Plus, some shots from yesterday with Johnny Rocket Images! They came out pretty awesome. I've been running around in my tights all the way up to my ribs lately! Haha.

I've been learning from posing a lot lately, been practicing more as well. I have a shoot this Saturday with Asylum. And the next weekend, Philly madness starts happening, haha, which has really turned into a mini roadtrip! Stopping in DC on the way, and stopping in Baltimore on the way back.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I went out and shot with Johnny Rocket Images today. I love meeting just really fun people, who don't take themselves so seriously and are really laid back, and great to work with. And him and his wife had the cutest puppy!

We had a fun time joking around, and listening to mexican rock music while shooting. "Mexican ricky martin." ... "wat." Haha.

And hey! I'm a featured model at the SNAPMUP event in March. Come out and maybe check it out? It looks like it's gonna be a blast!

Went out and got a few more Christmas gifts for my family, and my boyfriend went to the video store and rented old school xmas movies. He's extremely into Xmas, it's pretty adorable. Right now we're watching The Christmas Story and trying to make sure our kittens aren't getting into everything.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

CLT and JMB.

I got some photos back from CLT's Party, actually BY CLT this time! Haha. We had some one on one time to shoot, and the pictures definitely came out very well.

Also, here is another shot from shooting with JMB Photography, inspired by the Art of Nouveau.

Isn't it beautiful? Putting all that stuff in my hair was insane! Haha, we made such a mess. But it was really fun working with everything.

In other news, I brought my kittens to my friend's house today so they can stay here for a while before my boyfriend and I get our own place. They're being insane, and totally watching TV. xD

Hopefully have a shoot tomorrow! Plus, going Christmas shopping. :D

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winding down.

Coming down with a cold, everyone else seems to be getting sick as well. Boo.

I actually have nothing scheduled next week, besides next Saturday and Sunday, it's kind of strange. But I figured I'm going to try and sneak atleast one person into next week, haha. Just have to figure out who, just for my sanity's sake. I hate not shooting for days at a time!

Also, have another picture from CLT's Party last Saturday, this one is by Kollin Bliss, he's a lot of fun. We don't take eachother so seriously, it makes for a good time. I was also styled by Decadent Livia.

And, here's a shot from when JMB Photography and I shot the other day. It's so gorgeous, it came out amazing! I luhs her. :]

That's it for now. Still waiting for some more to come back. *Crosses fingers*

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lin Daffron

I've been spending time with my boyfriend this past week and it's been particularly nice. It's great to finally get some alone time, sit around, watch movies and eat pizza.

I did have a shoot with JMB Photography yesterday, it took us a little while to set everything up, and I love just hanging out with her so much, we talked a lot, which delayed us setting things up, haha. But everything turned out amazing, she's great to work with!

Here are some real photo updates, these shots are from Lin Daffron, we've been friends forever, and we took these about 2 months ago. It was freezing outside! But I think they're particularly gorgeous. She did a great job, it's amazing to watch her grow as a photographer, she's going to make it big one day, I'm sure of it.

Also, got my first image back from CLT's party last Saturday, by Corrupt Image Data, the neck piece and the corset top are by Collective Chaos Design. They were a great team.

This is an insane picture packed entry, haha, but I also got a few photos back from Christopher Bautista from the other day. Make-up, Hair, and Styling by Elizabeth Tolley. It was so much fun shooting all of this! So much creativity, it's insane! haha.

I have a shoot this weekend, and my Philly trip is now all booked up. I'm so excited for the next few weeks.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Been busy, busy, busy lately.

Well, first, here's another candid from CLT's Party that Kollin Bliss took of me while we were having camera wars over the table.

Anyways, went out to VA Beach yesterday to shoot with Christopher Bautista and Elizabeth Tolley yesterday. It was a lot of fun, they're both such talented and fun people. I felt bad for Elizabeth because she was having a terrible time with her allergies, but she pulled through and she did amazing on make-up. Chris and I had a lot of fun shooting with everything.

We shot quite a few different ways with the whole outfit. Can't wait to get the images back, I'm really excited.

And here are some shots from last week with Marcus Hyde. They are teh hotness. He did a great job, I love 'em!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Christmas List.

Is a little insane this year, but uh, yeah.

Of course, you can always put money into my paypal account! Most of it will probably used for my trip to Philly at the beginning of the month, and the rest of my trips for the future, so this would be EXTREMELY helpful.

Also, I'll send my address to anyone if they want to send me any of this, or anything else you want to get me. >D

Giftcards for Forever 21, H+M, Wet Seal, Charlotte Rousse, MAC, and Sephora's.

PLUGS: Plugs in 1/2g, usually black, purple, silver, pink, or green.


HANGING JEWERLY in 10g, usually in black.


SHOES, size 6. In whatever colors. :


CLT's Party.

CLT's Party was this last Saturday. I got up pretty early, but accidentally slept in for an extra hour, because I set my alarm clock wrong. Dumbdumb. But I got up, got ready extremely fast (especially for me), went and picked up Jeramy.

We traveled, we were a little weirded out by the country, all the back roads, but it was a pretty fun trip, and we got to CLT's, were welcomed, got some foods, I sat around, took some candids, talked to some people, mainly Jay and Jeramy, and did some people watching.

Things started to speed up, I shot with Kollin Bliss and Decadent Livia, hung out with them for a bit, did our shoot, it was fun, pretty quick and there was definitely some great shots.

I shot with a few other people, just a few shots, and then I'd be running around all over again. After a little while, I shot with Collective Chaos Design and her husband. They were great people, very fun to be around, and it feels like they do EVERYTHING, haha. She models, does bodypainting, and can make some gorgeous clothes. I wish I was that multi-talented.

After that, I shot a few headshots for some people, hung around, got some shots with some other people. I started to slow down, because I sort of started to feel really tired, and now today I feel like I may be coming down with a cold, so that was why, and it sort of sucks looking bad at it. But I atleast got to network a lot and hang out with some really cool people.

Everything slowed down, and Jeramy and I went out to Haylo Grave's house, and hung out with her, and ended up staying the night. But we stayed up all night talking about networking type stuff, me modeling her work, her magazine that's coming out, and all that good stuff. So hopefully I'll be bringing a few of her things to Philly with me.

It was a fun night, here are some candid shots I took of people walking around, and a few of the band that played there as well. The one of me, Jeramy took while someone was taking headshots of me, haha.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marcus Hyde Media.

Shot from my webcam after I got home tonight, woooo.

Today's been fast pace. Went and shot with Marcus Hyde today. We got some really hott shots, like woah hott. Can't wait to get them back

Also went out shopping with a few friends, but didn't get anything for myself, got something for my mom, her birthday was a few days ago, but I was just getting around to actually getting her something.

It's been really poop weather all day in Virginia today, hopefully it'll get better for the weekend and for CLT's Party this Saturday. Plus I have to prepare my car tomorrow for the drive, so really hoping the weather will lighten up. I hate the rain!

Hopefully going with a friend tomorrow. I have to unpack and then repack, hopefully I don't overpack for CLT's! I usually do.

Still need help with my Philly trip, someone just lemme know!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Syke Energy Drink.

I had a shoot for Syke Energy Drink today. No photos to show of it just yet. But it was a nice adventure to say the least.

It was nicely set up, the people were cool, and knew what they wanted, which was also nice. The studio owners were also really kind and laid back. It was a fun environment.

There were 10 models all together, and I felt a little strange at first, because I felt like I was the only one that really did this for real. But it was okay, they were fun kids, a little crazy, but fun.

Hopefully the images will come back from it soon enough, and I can how funny a lot of the things were, it was laid back, not so much posed, and very teenage-oriented.

Another reason I was pretty upped for doing this is the fact Syke is actually a campaign for non-smoking. And if you know anything about me, I'm pretty anti-smoking. So that pushed me a little harder to really get into it. I'm glad to see people trying to use good messages with "alternative" type of teenage imaging. Since it's our generation.
Glad to see someone taking advantage of it.

It rolled down eventually, and I was exhausted from everything. I just woke up from a pretty ridiculous nap. I have a shoot in Richmond tomorrow.

Also trying to work on my Philly trip, shooting for the beginning of January it seems. If anyone's interested in helping me out, I would be extremely grateful.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First post. Ahh, smells good!

So this is my first post of my first ever real blog! I'm pretty excited. I'm glad I finally have all this working out for me.

Well, I just got back from my trip up to NYC to work with Alex who is from the Ukraine, but here in the states on business, and to shoot a little.

Mike and I drove up to NJ and stayed with a friend Saturday night, got up and gone on the train in the morning, since I was way too scared to drive into Manhattan. I love my simply small cities in the good ol south, haha.

We had a hard time at the beginning since we were ill-informed and thought the NJ Transit went into Grand Central. But it was okay, we just took it to Penn Station, and walked to Grand Central from there. Mike was really excited and it took us a little longer than expected to walk there, cause he stopped and took so many photos. Haha.

We got up though, and took the subway to Roosevelt Island. We got messed up on the subway only ONCE, and that was amazing to me, I was a little worried, a foreign guy and two kids from the south trying to figure out the subway system. But it was a lot easier than I thought.

Mike took the photo of me while we were on the subway, sitting next to Alex.

We eventually got to our destination, walked around a little, it was freezing! And found some really pretty nooks and corners on Roosevelt Island. We shot, I was freezing cold, surprisingly I'm not sick yet.

I made Alex say "vodka" atleast a few times while we were shooting, cause with his accent, it was too funny!

We split up eventually, Mike and I went to Times Square, got some coffee, and ventured off to find the big Christmas tree and the ice skating rink. We found it, watched some people fall for a little while, and headed back to the train.

It was a fun trip and definitely worth bearing through the freezing weather.

Hopefully will be making another trip up there soon. Also trying to figure out trips to Philadelphia, New Hampshire, and Buffalo ontop of NYC. 2009 looks like it's going to be a great year.