Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Been busy, busy, busy lately.

Well, first, here's another candid from CLT's Party that Kollin Bliss took of me while we were having camera wars over the table.

Anyways, went out to VA Beach yesterday to shoot with Christopher Bautista and Elizabeth Tolley yesterday. It was a lot of fun, they're both such talented and fun people. I felt bad for Elizabeth because she was having a terrible time with her allergies, but she pulled through and she did amazing on make-up. Chris and I had a lot of fun shooting with everything.

We shot quite a few different ways with the whole outfit. Can't wait to get the images back, I'm really excited.

And here are some shots from last week with Marcus Hyde. They are teh hotness. He did a great job, I love 'em!


Mariusz Marchewa Marchlewicz said...

stunning photos, Marcus did a really great job. And you look completly different than on rest of your photos - in a good way.

~k | said...