Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's coming!

Merry Belated Christmas! Hope it was fun for everyone! And the new year is on it's way.

I had a really extensive shoot this past weekend in DC with a really awesome team. Team cool studios that is! Haha. It was with Jason Harbour/Asylum, Katie Freeman/ PXE / Papermoon Productions/ Glitterbaby, and Miss Anna Evans.

We shot so many sets, my portfolio's gonna be brand new by the time I'm done with it, haha! They were ridiculously amounts of fun. I was so comfortable around all three of them, it's nice to be around people you really feel like you can connect with on a more personal basis. In other words, it's nice to be around other people who are just as geeky as me sometimes, and like to make jokes out of everything. Heeeeee.

In other shooting type news, I got some photos back from Alex, from my NYC trip just a few weeks ago. It was FREEZING out that day btw! The pictures came out beautifully, he's a really amazing photographer. Gah, I just keep remembering how cold it was, haha. Everyone that day was a trooper to me, it was insane.

Happy New Year! :D

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Anonymous said...

that first shot is so stunning! the way your hair has blown across your face just makes it that bit more amazing