Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marcus Hyde Media.

Shot from my webcam after I got home tonight, woooo.

Today's been fast pace. Went and shot with Marcus Hyde today. We got some really hott shots, like woah hott. Can't wait to get them back

Also went out shopping with a few friends, but didn't get anything for myself, got something for my mom, her birthday was a few days ago, but I was just getting around to actually getting her something.

It's been really poop weather all day in Virginia today, hopefully it'll get better for the weekend and for CLT's Party this Saturday. Plus I have to prepare my car tomorrow for the drive, so really hoping the weather will lighten up. I hate the rain!

Hopefully going with a friend tomorrow. I have to unpack and then repack, hopefully I don't overpack for CLT's! I usually do.

Still need help with my Philly trip, someone just lemme know!


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