Monday, December 22, 2008


I went out and shot with Johnny Rocket Images today. I love meeting just really fun people, who don't take themselves so seriously and are really laid back, and great to work with. And him and his wife had the cutest puppy!

We had a fun time joking around, and listening to mexican rock music while shooting. "Mexican ricky martin." ... "wat." Haha.

And hey! I'm a featured model at the SNAPMUP event in March. Come out and maybe check it out? It looks like it's gonna be a blast!

Went out and got a few more Christmas gifts for my family, and my boyfriend went to the video store and rented old school xmas movies. He's extremely into Xmas, it's pretty adorable. Right now we're watching The Christmas Story and trying to make sure our kittens aren't getting into everything.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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