Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Syke Energy Drink.

I had a shoot for Syke Energy Drink today. No photos to show of it just yet. But it was a nice adventure to say the least.

It was nicely set up, the people were cool, and knew what they wanted, which was also nice. The studio owners were also really kind and laid back. It was a fun environment.

There were 10 models all together, and I felt a little strange at first, because I felt like I was the only one that really did this for real. But it was okay, they were fun kids, a little crazy, but fun.

Hopefully the images will come back from it soon enough, and I can how funny a lot of the things were, it was laid back, not so much posed, and very teenage-oriented.

Another reason I was pretty upped for doing this is the fact Syke is actually a campaign for non-smoking. And if you know anything about me, I'm pretty anti-smoking. So that pushed me a little harder to really get into it. I'm glad to see people trying to use good messages with "alternative" type of teenage imaging. Since it's our generation.
Glad to see someone taking advantage of it.

It rolled down eventually, and I was exhausted from everything. I just woke up from a pretty ridiculous nap. I have a shoot in Richmond tomorrow.

Also trying to work on my Philly trip, shooting for the beginning of January it seems. If anyone's interested in helping me out, I would be extremely grateful.


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