Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Johnny and Bautista.

Got a new shot from Christopher Bautista today. Make-up, hair, and styling by Elizabeth Tolley.

We did some extra stuff laying on the hard wood floor of the living room. It made the colors pop out even more! It was fun trying new poses and stuff.

Plus, some shots from yesterday with Johnny Rocket Images! They came out pretty awesome. I've been running around in my tights all the way up to my ribs lately! Haha.

I've been learning from posing a lot lately, been practicing more as well. I have a shoot this Saturday with Asylum. And the next weekend, Philly madness starts happening, haha, which has really turned into a mini roadtrip! Stopping in DC on the way, and stopping in Baltimore on the way back.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Anonymous said...

love the styling and your makeup on the first shot, and I love photoshoots that involve high tights lol :D you look fab.

Kitten @ Pirate Photography