Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As of right now, I am in VA Beach, and forgot to pack underwear for the next few days. Gotta make a walmart trip. Blleeeehh. But in good news, I needed new underwear anyways. Can I afford it? Hell no. But that's what I get for being a dumb!

I didn't forget anything else atleast, not even my bag of bottled water I'm so psycho over.

In GOOD news, I already have one shot back from Asylum/Jason Harbour. And in it I'm not even wearing underwear! Haaaa! I experimented with doing full body implied nudes. I think they're really gorgeous, and would definitely think about it again in the future. But of course since I'm still in the experimenting phase, I'd be pretty picky about who I do them with. But here's the first shot. My back looks ripped! :D

:D. Yay. I may also be going to NYC for the "NYC Fantasy Photo Shoot Off", the weekend of the 18th. Just waiting for all the details. :[ I hate that part!

Atleast Philly is this weekend. I am very excited. My portfolio's gonna be amazing by the end of this month! Let's hope so anyways! Heeee.

It's also strange, I've actually come up with rates, since for this month my TFP is slowly slowing down, I am so insanely booked, I'm always falling behind on messages. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. It's nice to be so busy, and feel like my time is wanted at this moment. Means I'm getting somewhere!

New Year's Eve is tomorrow! :D

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Anonymous said...

that is really beautiful! and your back does look amazing