Thursday, January 1, 2009


WOO! Happy New Years! Can't wait to get the New Year started. And I'm already starting it like I ended 2008, busy. I'm sort of slowing down with the driving though. I'm sort of scared for my car to be honest. But I'm sure it can get through anything. Just going to try and not run it around so much unless I have to.

Got a few images back from Johnny Rocket Images from our shoot about a week or so ago.

Going to Philly this weekend. Getting ready to start packing. But my cats decided it's a good idea to lay on me and I'm procrastinating, which is a usually a bad thing, but I'm known for it. Haha. I'm practically all the way booked up for January now. Talking to quite a few designers at the moment.

Looking forward for the rest of 2009, hopefully everyone else is as well.