Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sooo sick.

I still have this terrible cold. I was running a fever last night, but I think I sweat most of it while I was sleeping. Thank bejeebus. But I still feel like poop. I've just been sitting around the house, which is pretty abnormal for me.

I have a shoot with Footnote Photography tomorrow with Kim as well. I need to start packing. I'm waiting for my load of laundry to be done. D: I hate packing!

But anyways, my birthday is in a month, and if you know me, I'm absolutely poor. It'll be my 21st birthday. My ONLY 21st birthday, ever. :[ You should buy me a gift! Or put some money in my paypal account so I can get myself something nice! God knows I need some new stuff before I go insane. xD

Here's a few lists.

Really pretty jewelry I want for my ears.

Clothing wishlist on Amazon

Shoe wishlist on Amazon

Or donate to my paypal so I can get a few things for myself, can pay for my travel to places if need be. Pay my cellphone bill, etc.

I'd also really love to have this phone, and I can upgrade my Sprint account and change my number to a VA number. It's on sale for 80 with a 50 dollar rebate. :D Donate so I can has it. :[

Anything can be sent to this address 4713 APT # 202 Windsong Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23455. *Crosses fingers*

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