Friday, January 23, 2009

Alien Life

Last night went really well. I shot with Stuntkid with Jane Doe Latex, and it was amazing. Best latex ever, I was extremely impressed. Plus, Stuntkid is a great guy to be around, and was really happy to work with him again after all this time. Hopefully it won't be two years before we work together again. I guess I can only cross my fingers.

My boyfriend and I also have a two week trial of netflix right now, and I am trying to be patient till he comes home so we can watch the second season of Heroes. (I hate following stuff on TV, it drives me insane, so I always wait 'till the full seasons come out.)

But other than that, not too much going on. Waiting for several things to come into play, and my cell phone has been turned off, so that does make that a bit harder. I've been needing to get on AIM as well, but it's hard to, I always get bombarded when I only want to talk to like two people.

I got photos in from Alien Life/ Alfred. He was amazing to work with. Very quick and thorough. And a nice guy ontop of it. He made sure I wasn't freezing my tousche off too bad! As I said before, the snow was coming down hardcore while I was up in NY. Alfred and I definitely took advantage of that. It was beautiful outside. I love the snow. This work is some of my favorite. It's one of those sets, I can't believe it's even me, and I just keep staring. I'm so proud of it, it's really gorgeous. Alfred's amazing.

When I came home that night I checked the weather for NY that day around the time we were shooting. It was 12 degrees.

This isn't the whole set, you can see the rest of my flickr account. Hope everyone's doing well. And oh! My birthday is in a month.

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