Thursday, January 22, 2009

NY Fantasty Photo shoot off now with pictars!

Just got a chance last night to sift through the photos from the shoot off last night, and finally get them posted on my flickr. So here they are, with of course a little explanation between each ones and such.

Photo by 2 The Max Photography, who helped me with this trip a lot. He helped me with a place to stay, food, and gas. He was really fun to work with, he's really laid back. Very excited to get more back from him.

Photo by David Garcia Photography. Which I believe was one of the Boston boys, is what I am now calling them, haha. They were all really funny, fighting over 5 minutes of shooting time. Great guys. I got all of their names, but it's hard to put them to faces with all the craziness.

Photo by MB Photo 13. He grabbed me as I was walking by and we took this shot near the pool. (This location was filled to the brim with great places to shoot.) I've been a fan of his work since I've practically started. It was amazing meeting him and working with him. He was awesome! Him and I talked a lot while I was there. He makes me want to come back up to NY. :D

Photos by Silhouetto/ Noam Galai. Him and I had a one on one shoot, he had agreed to also help me with my travel expenses. He was extremely patient, and very nice. I would definitely work with him again. Hair is by Jenistyles, who is an amazing hair stylist, and everyone was lucky to have her and her friend Tia with her. Ontop of it, they were really down to earth and really fun to talk to.

Photo by AlphaNYC. He snapped off a few shots with his fisheye lens when I was shooting with Noam Galai.

This was the last shot of the night! Haha. Photo by MB Photo 13, other models are Jacqueline Gonzalez, Hawk 22, Nofar Avigdor. We had a lot of fun with this shot, and it was done in probably under 5 minutes. It was way fun!

Tonight I'm going to work with Stuntkid, hopefully shooting some latex. Can't wait!

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