Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh snapolo

My bf and I are watching Nick and Norah's infinite playlist, it's a cute movie, sort of awkward, but pretty funny. I like awkward funny, so it's cool.

I went out for a shoot today, and now i'm just hanging out. :]

Here are lots of new pictars. Yaaayys.

Shots by BellaGore, a few weeks ago. Hair is by Jen Jennings. :D Yay, love these gals, very talented people. We had a good time, and I took cellphone pictures of Bellagore's little cat.

Another shot from David Kennedy, and our nerdtastic idea.

Brian Burk took this shot of me from the Rockville, MD meet and greet at Slyhorse Studios back in April. Make-up is by LJ Designs and latex is by Latex Nemesis. Great team to work with!

Nooooww yay! Pics from my great friend Sarah Beth Faison. Some are from back in March and some are from the Rockville, MD M+G at Slyhorse Studios in April. We got bored and snapped off a few shots in the corner, haha.

Serena Star Photography and I shot back in March in New Jersey. Make-up is by Serena Star, and the outfit is by Scarlet Fairy, who's work is just darling, and utterly beautiful. I fell in love with everything about this.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holy smokes

Mike and I just got a phonecall from one of our friends who is in the Navy and off to sea, good to know he's doing alright.

I am craving a chocolate chip waffle sooo bad, I have no idea what to do with myself. But about to cook up some zuchinni and chicken. mmmm. Since my boyfriend really does not want to go to waffle house. Muurrp. :[

I am somehow sort of addicted to icarly, yes, I am a child. But it's a cute show and made for good entertainment that you really don't have to pay attention to. Yeeess.

I has some more shots from Sassomoso Photography, who came all the way down here from NY.

There are lots of photos from this set and you can see more here :

The next shot was actually just taken a few days ago, by David Hilton, who on the way up to Philadelphia I stopped and visited. He's always a lot of fun, brings me to some really amazing locations in the Towson/Baltimore area, and just a all around nice guy. The shot's awesome!

Next few shots from Ynot Photography, we shot way back in March, and I've been meaning to get back with up him again for some more great shots. :]

The next one is also from way back in March by Gregory Keith. I shot in Philadelphia, off of south street, it was hilarious to say the least, lots and lots of passerby's.

Next shot is from David Kennedy, on our dorky dork dork project. He was really fun to work with.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh hi thar

So here are some new shots, and sttuuufff.

I just got back from my trip to MD and Philadelphia. I'm in VA Beach at my boyfriend's house. I went on a cleaning binge, and it's spotless in here. Except my cats are shedding, and it's terrrrible.

MD was a lot of fun with really close friends. Philadelphia was fun with all the hilarious moments, being called an italian, even though it was scorching hot because Corwin's air conditioning broke.

My eye hurts so bad, idk why, fuckin' allergies suck. My Boston trip is two weeks away, and I need to book book book, I'm so tired, and not having the internet at my house is really starting to kill me.

The first shots are from David Hilton, from my trip to Towson, MD way back in March. It was one of those random beautiful days in March.

The next shots are from Sassomoso photography from NYC, we met at snapmup briefly, and he decided to come down to good ol Richmond, VA and shoot all day with your's truly. :D So we did and yay. We had a good time, we found a really sick location and took good advantage of it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Going on vacation next week, way excited, except I'm going to keep myself busy busy busy. Hopefully going to drag my (being wonderful lately, extraordinarily so) boyfriend along with me.

My Boston trip is slowly but surely creeping up on me. Getting everything set. Philly instead of SF next week, sort of bummed, but very excited still.

And here's a picture of me when I woke up this morning. :D

Rarely do I ever feel like I sincerely enjoy life, but these past few days have been really nice and quite care free. I like.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am so happy I get to update! Haha. I never even want to leave my boyfriends and go back to my god forsaken internet-less house. D: And I am so about watching movies today, catching up on a lot of things I've never seen. So yays on that too.

May be going to Philadelphia next week, very last minute, but my SF trip has been canceled, and I took off work already, so wth! Haha. I am excited to be going though, I like it there a lot, and I get to see Corwin! So I will start booking that soon. Once I make sure I have all the funds, which shouldn't be too hard (hopefully.)

Here is another shot from the amazing Brian Burk, hat and collar are by Collective Chaos Design (some of my favorite people.) and make-up is by Designs by LJ. Very awesome people, we took over the studio at the Slyhorse M+G for a little while.

All the next shots are by Sandy Jones. She is aaammaazing! She is so much fun, very laid back, and made my visions come alive. We had a blast, and she's very creative.

Oh, and there are these awesome videos that Sarah Beth Faison took of Jess Hawk, Davood Salek and I shooting together. ---> Here

And one of Sandy Jones and I shooting here (where I wave to Sarah like a nerd) ---> Here

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


And my internet has been out for weeks now at my house. I am currently at my boyfriend's and using his internet.

A lot has been going on, with scheduling, updates, working, etc. But I am just going to post some new shots. :D

Oh, I did go to the Rockville, MD M+G at Slyhorse Studios, lots of fun times.

By Serena Star Photography from when I was in Philadelphia, I went out to NJ and shot with her. :] Make-up is also by her.

Shot by DragonInk way back from March at Snapmup in New Jersey

Joseph Balestra! He's awesome! Designs by Exploration B, and make-up by Ms Asphyxia. These lovely people from New England are amazing. We shot this in New Jersey, after snapmup. :]

Shot by Sassomoso Photography, he came down to Richmond, and we drove around, found some amazing locations and shot. :D It was fun. He was a great guy.

Tim Prendegrast
and I shot at the Rockville, MD Slyhorse Studios M+G with bubble wrap in a corner of an alley, haha! :D I love Tim, he's awesome

My lovely Sarah took these shots. She's one of my favorite people ever, and the lovely lady standing beside me is the beautiful Ms Jess Hawk. :D She's so pretty! We had a lot of fun with this. These were also taken at the Rockville M+G at Slyhorse Studios in MD.

Shot by Asylum! Yaaaay! He's so awesome! He did a series of goofy portrait shots whilst at the Rockville M+G. Here's mine. Hee.

The Divine Emily Fine and I got together again, and shot this at the M+G. She titled it "eat me" I giggled.

Mr Brian Burk and I shot at Rockville as well, designs by LJ did make-up, and latex is by Latex Nemesis. :D They were great people.

I have more coming, getting behind because of this stupid internet lack!