Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh snapolo

My bf and I are watching Nick and Norah's infinite playlist, it's a cute movie, sort of awkward, but pretty funny. I like awkward funny, so it's cool.

I went out for a shoot today, and now i'm just hanging out. :]

Here are lots of new pictars. Yaaayys.

Shots by BellaGore, a few weeks ago. Hair is by Jen Jennings. :D Yay, love these gals, very talented people. We had a good time, and I took cellphone pictures of Bellagore's little cat.

Another shot from David Kennedy, and our nerdtastic idea.

Brian Burk took this shot of me from the Rockville, MD meet and greet at Slyhorse Studios back in April. Make-up is by LJ Designs and latex is by Latex Nemesis. Great team to work with!

Nooooww yay! Pics from my great friend Sarah Beth Faison. Some are from back in March and some are from the Rockville, MD M+G at Slyhorse Studios in April. We got bored and snapped off a few shots in the corner, haha.

Serena Star Photography and I shot back in March in New Jersey. Make-up is by Serena Star, and the outfit is by Scarlet Fairy, who's work is just darling, and utterly beautiful. I fell in love with everything about this.

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