Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boston in two days!

Woohoo! About to go and run some errands with the boyfriend, try and find a new suitcase, and then tomorrow get everything ready for my flight on Thursday. It's gonna be crazy hectic, but it'll get done.

My first shoot is with Cannibalized, which I am super stoked about, she's awesome, and such a great artist.

Other than that, I don't have much going on, except talking about moving out, and cuddling with my cats. >D

Here are some new pictars. Yay.

Another shot from Serena Star Photography. Hair and make-up by her. Outfit is by Scarlet Fairy. Sooooo cute. Def one of my fav shots as of right now.

Another shot from the ever awesome BellaGore. Hair is by Jen Jennings. That bird smelled very strange.

The next shots are from *drumroll* Tina Dolin! I went straight to her on my trip to Philly, after being in MD for a few days. She's definitely one of my favorite people in the world, and her kids are awesome, haha. We had a lot of fun hanging out, shooting, and getting to know eachother more. She's great. Hair and make-up are by Hilary Nelson. Oh yeah, and trying to get feathers on your boobs is awkward.

And yay, another shot from when I stopped before going to see Tina, by David Hilton! This was in a awesome park in the middle of Baltimore. Lots of neat stuff.

Brand spankin' new shots from Studio206, Vic was amazing to work with, very talkative, laid back, and a really really really nice guy! I reccomend him highly, he's awesome! Styling was by the pretty Belle Morte, her outfits were awesome, and oh ssooo cute. Def more coming soon.

Hopefully I'll post again before Boston, but if not, you'll def hear from me soon. :]

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