Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home sweet home?

I got home from Boston a week ago. I miss all of you crazy northerners already! But am going up to NYC this weekend and doing a few things while I'm up. Very excited. :D Yaaays. Just trying to get my scheduling figured out.

But will hopefully be back in Boston/NH in July. :] Yeeeeees. My trip was pretty great, mostly stress free, I was way exhausted by the end of it due to lack of sleeping well. (Daaamn my brain for needing a fan to sleep.) Just gave me an excuse to splurge on dunkin' donuts, which we lack here in VA, very few around here.

We have Wawa though, which is better, suck on that.

Made a wishlist of traveling to do for the summer : Boston/NH, NYC, LA, San Fransisco, North Carolina, Philadelphia, and Florida. Let's make this happen people!

With all my ranting aside, I definitely have lots of new amazing shots I have yet to post!

All of these shots are by a guy who's really fuckin' awesome, Vic of Studio206 is a great guy, ssoo much fun to be around, we had a fun time shooting!

Styling is by Belle Morte, make-up by me.

Next shots are from one of my favorite people ever, Tina Dolin. I want to visit Philadelphia, and work with her again soon. She's so amazing, inspiring, and a great person. I miss her! Ha, I'm such a dork! She makes me look so pretty though.

Make-up and hair by Hilary Nelson.

Davood Salek and I met back in April at the Slyhorse M+G shoot in Rockville, MD. Did a small shoot together, I messaged him again and asked him to work while in his area. Ryan Henaghan joined us to do my eppppic hair! It was absolutely nuts.

It was especially funny watching me get into the car. Both very sweet guys, Davood's dog was smaller than my cat which I also got a huge kick out of. Ryan and I definitely watched iCarly after we shot.

It was a pretty day out that day, and the pictures are aaammazing.

And now yay! My first shot back from my Boston trip. I hopped off the plane, Joseph Balestra and I went straight to Cannibalized's place. Drank some coffee, relaxed a little, make-up artist Nikk Noir came over and we started getting everything ready.

Her and I ended up shooting almost all day but it was so much fun. She's great to be around, and Nikk Noir is pretty amazing herself, she's incredibly talented and so creative. Cannibalized, Joe, and I were all impressed by her.

Cannibalized and I also convinced ourselves to watch 10 things I hate about you in about 15 seconds, possibly torturing Joe for almost 2 hours with girl talk, squeeing over Heath Ledger (atleast that's what I was doing). I also made a neat little pile of peeled off liquid latex on the floor.

Now here's the creepy fantastic

NYC this weekend. I love traveling so much.


TinyRockerGrrl said...

Oh I love the images with Davood Salek. They are wonderful! :) Actually, all of the new photos are quite wonderful but that series is my favorite!

Love seeing new stuff from you pretty girl!! <3

N's said...

You have sexy lips! :)