Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yaaaaaay, updating, Yaaaay.

I saw yay waaaay too much for my own good. And I have not been able to update almost at all! It makes me so upset! So now the updating begins... again, and will probably be gone for a little while again, since I will be busy, and internetless at my house.

I went to NJ/NY. I shot with a few people while I was up there and had so much fun at the Primal Stare Studios workshop, those kids are innnnssaaanely fuckin cool. And Sam (built4sin) is the raddest sickest nastiest wicked chick ever (oh god, inside jokes are fuckin gnarly sick, haha.) :D

Hopefully will have behind the scene shots soon! We had fun with the drive, stopping and getting the best cheesecake in MD, fuck yeah.

Definitely have a lot more work from when I was in New England.

Will be in NJ/NY AGAIN! In a few weeks. Going out to the Baltimore M+G this weekend with Sam. Scheduling a weekend in Philadelphia soon, then Joseph Balestra will be here from July 21st- August 5th. Book him, book me, we'll be together, driving up and down the east coast for a few days atleast. :D Yaaays. So much fun.

Oh my god, I just noticed it's 2 AM. wth. On with the picture updating.

Some more shots from Cannibalized and her fuckin' awesome self! Make-up and hair is by Nikk Noir. Thanks to Joseph Balestra for helping us with lights and stuuuufff. I love being creepy!

I miss all of them so much too, I wanna go back up there sooo bad! Anyone wanna drrriive there? :D I'll help with gas, and hook you up with some bitchin' ass photographers/models.

More from New England! The ever amazing Dastardly Dave in Manchester, NH. He's so awesome, I can't even take it, haha. So much fun, easy to talk to, I just feel bad because I was soooo tired the day we shot together! By the end of my trip, I wanted to fall into a coma. But we got some good work.

Ben and Molly Make-up
(Miss Emma) joined us that night to do the studio set. Her and I had so much fun, for the second time meeting eachother, we even cuddled and watched silly videos on Dave's couch for atleast an hour, before I almost fell asleep sitting there. Hee.

The river set was neat though, it was pretty dirty, but totally worth it, it wasn't even that cold, which I was surprised. :] And thanks to Joe for killing a huge spider for me!

And now for another shot from Serena Star Photography in NJ. Make-up and hair by her as well. This photo got a daily deviation on DA not too long ago on her profile. :D So congrats to her, it was exciting!

Two new shots from shooting last week with DwFotos in Chesapeake. They were good fun people, the shoots were short and sweet, and we got some really amazing work with cool concepts. Hope you like. Styling all by them, make-up by me.

Oh, and now I have a twitter, make sure you add me! It's worth it! I promise! http://www.twitter.com/racheldashae

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Dizzie said...

in that last picture with Cannibalized, i love they way they set up your hair around ur neck. SO CRAZY! and the very last pic in ur post, that would make i nice tattoo! something i might get, how crazy would that be..lol