Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's hot in VA right now

I feel like the hair on my arm is gonna catch on fire. But I am going to the beach with my boyfriend tomorrow!

Getting my car fixed, it'll probably be a few days for it be running up and like new again. Poor baby, I've abused it. :[ And I miss my cats! Boo.

Going to NJ in a few weeks. After that, Philadelphia with Joseph Balestra. Will also be traveling through MD, and the such. :D Yaaay. Then maybe NH after that! Who knows! We're still planning!

Maybe Baltimore, and NC in the near future as well. >]

Here are photo updates. :
More shots from DWFotos in Chesapeake. Now I'm a sailor of the skies! Or a pilot, whichever you'd like to call it. ;D Styling all my DW, make-up by me.

Shots from Brian Burk, from Sam and I's trip to NJ. Brian drove us out to Philadelphia our first day being there, we got some latex, and shot in the beautiful (haha) city of Philly. Hair and make-up by Alayna Marie.

Then we shot Victoria Velvet's stuff in Central Park on Sunday! It was a little rainy out that day, but totally worth it. Make-up by designs by lj, and hair by Danielle Downs.

Another shot from one of my favorite artists, Cannibalized. Playing with liquid latex can be pretty damn fun sometimes. :D

Shots from Ynot Photography. The black and white ones are absolutely amazing. This shoot was really laid back, and we played in the pool afterwards! Haha. He's always a pleasure to be around.

The blue shot is a promo for a zivity set. Hopefully it'll go live soon!

Shot at the beginning of June, here's a shot from Cobblestone Studios. He's an amazing guy! We totally had sheetz iced coffee too, yummy. Haha.

First shots from the Primal Stare Studio workshop in NJ. Photos by Matt Mullen. Hair by Abby. Make-up by ladyxbird. All sets made by Primal Stare Studio.

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Coredesat said...

Those pilot photos are pretty damn spiffy. I like those. :D

As for the others... o___o I seem to be bleeding heavily from my nose. Please excuse me for a moment while I clean---*passes out*

Seriously, you look really, really good in them. :D