Thursday, July 2, 2009


I was pleasantly surprised when a friend of mine messaged me through myspace, and said he had seen me in RVAMAG. Which is a small magazine spread across Richmond city, I've been known to randomly pick them up in coffee shops, or look at the articles online. :D It's very awesome, and local.

Kimberly Frost was featured in their photography section and she has a full interview, they used a few of the photos she took of me for the article. It's up online, and in news stands based around the Richmond area. Veeerry excited! I thought it was so cool.

Have just finished getting my car fixed up, and sitting with the boyfriend. Been pretty relaxing, I had a shoot yesterday, and we went to the beach. Today the bf and I are gonna go and hang out with some friends at their pool, then tomorrow back to Richmond to spend 4th of July with my family. Hopefully it'll relieve a little stress that's been raging for the past few weeks.

Some more shots from Matt Mullen, from the Primal Stare Studios workshop. All sets made by owners of Primal Stare, make-up by ladyxbird, and hair by Abby.

Next shot (or shots) is from the amazing Dana Tarr. Who was an absolute pleasure when I went to visit Boston a month ago. He was a lot of fun, he took us to a really neat little concert thing, we shot around, and showed us this crazy vintage store! I need to live in there, it made my heart soar! Haha.

Wardrobe was provided by Chris at Circa Vintage Clothing. The dress was a 60's or 70's middle school cheerleader outfit.

First shots back from when I went to the Patapsco State Park meet and greet in Baltimore. I shot with Mickle Design Werks, hair and make-up by Faces by Tonja Johnson. They were both such a huge pleasure to work with. Shooting this was a blast though, haha.

Public parks, semi nudity, and kids on bikes, obviously don't mix. I heard "OMG, that girl is in her underwear!" from a distance. Eeesh.

Yay. Now for a shot from the awesome Joseph Balestra. Who is actually coming and visiting the sooouuffff in a few weeks. He'll be here for two weeks shooting, book him, and I'll be driving, haha. We plan on a trip to Philadelphia, and possibly driving back up to NH. Oh snap.

We took this while I was up in the Boston/NH area, Joseph was kind enough to drive me everywhere, shoot with me, and just make sure I was taken care of. :D He's awesome in other words! We went to a beach in NH, even with it being cloudy, windy, and 45 degrees outside, it was a beautiful beach. I'd love to see it in the heart of the summer, I'm sure it's gorgeous.

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Anonymous said...

Love the new stuff, those beach photos are amazing!
and the shots by Mickle Design are wonderful, your getting more nekkid all the time hehe!
Kitten @ Pirate Photography