Friday, July 3, 2009

Brand new day

Need to start thinking more about my health lately! Need to get back into the swing of eating better and such. :] Shouldn't be too hard, I've only been straying for a few weeks, but I can already feel it taking a toll on my body. Booooo.

4th of July tomorrow! What's everybody doing? My boyfriend and I are going to spend time with my family. :] Yayness.

Trying to schedule things, booking more and more in advance. It's nice to have the internet, jesus christ. Too bad I have to go back to my house with no internet soon. :[

Buuuuttt, a photo update.

Another shot by Brian Burk, with me wearing Victoria Velvet's work. Which I can't put enough stress on how completely gorgeous it is! Make-up by Designs by LJ, and hair by Danielle Downs. Ennjoooyy! :D

Next shots are from JohnnyB in Baltimore. We worked together after the Baltimore M+G at his studio. With sexy purple latex! We had a few people hold it, and constantly joked about me being a slingshot! Lawl. It would've been pretty easy to fling me, so yeah. Good times nonetheless.

Pretty short post today. I've gotten myself caught up on a lot, so yay for that. :]

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