Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have been going about this blog thing very strangely. It is a good way to do it. But I feel like I need to update more. Lacking behind lately, due to being really stressed out.

Have had a lot go on with my life, my car, my job, my relationships with people.

But you can always follow my little life on twitter. Since I abuse it, haha.

Have been thinking about this as a career or not a lot. Debating back and forth to do nudes, and try to really make money off of art nudes for a while. But am scared of the possible repercussions. But we will see. I feel like this is a place I can be honest. So I want to be.

I have been really insecure, scared, etc over this. Over everything in my life. How I do my day job. How I come off to people. My love life. My family. I have almost driven myself insane in the past two weeks.

Now, for some reason, I have 180'd, come out of it. Realized a little. Still a little paranoid, freaked out. But I guess that's a normal feeling when you have felt out of placed for a while. But want to get back into the swing of everything, realize things are so much better. Maybe I shouldn't stretch myself out so thin.

I am not going to post any photos, but of course my flickr has a lot on it. Maybe next time, since I am going to try and update more, maybe I will if I keep it a little more personable.

And since this seems to be an ongoing theme in blogs these days, I want to write about a few things I view through my mind.

That life isn't as simple as people mean it to be. It isn't just "Put your mind to it, and you can do it." disney movie saying theories. Talking and doing are two different things. Be original. Try and think for yourself, don't post things on here that you just read somewhere else. If you aren't meant to be deep, or a close-up finder, the don't try and be.

I notice all these little things, even with my bad eyes. But only about ones that intrigue me.

Nothing that I haven't written down before. All these little things are nice, but they sadly surround a much more complicated substance.

I am a romantic though. So I will say that I miss everything being simple very much. And I constantly think in that mind set.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hi everybody.

I am sorry I've been gone forever.

A lot has happened with me since I made a real last update. Have been up and down the east coast, burning my car's mileage into the ground. Working. Being paranoid, burning bridges, building new ones, and making hard decisions in my life.

I just got back from being in Louisiana visiting family I haven't seen in 10 years, that was rough too.

But now I am back, with a positive outlook, an ambition, and I know exactly where I want to be. I just need to get there! Lots of stuff standing in my way, but I'm not going to let it get me down.

I have lots of new people that I've worked with, made connections, have even become really good friends. And I have more people that I've admired to come. I am really happy I get to be apart of people's art that I've stared at for years. It makes everything seem so worth it.

I've also been writing more, but it will probably never see the light of day. Just thought I'd say, my brain has been in high working mode. Lots of little ideas floating around in this little head.

In more modeling news, my first zivity set went live! Woo.

I am not sure if they 24 hour or 30 day trials anymore, but you def try and check it out. It's only 10 dollars a month and you get 5 votes to share with people! It's really a lot of fun, and there are lots of great artists on there! So check it out here, and vote please!

Now for some god damn pictures up in this piece!

First is by Joseph Balestra. When he was here for two weeks. Ms Jess Hawk did my make-up for me. We all collaborated really well. I love it.

The next few shots are from Ynot Photography. Who I always love to work with. We actually just took these the other day. He's always speedy with editing.

It was really thick outside that day, we had a huge thunderstorm just a few hours before we went out.

Next few shots are from when I went to Boston back in June. Dana Tarr showed Joseph Balestra and I around. We got some good shots, and got to use some vintage clothing from Circa. Also, you get to see a little friend I met while I was there. :]

Next few shots are from Visual Distress based out of Primal Stare Studios in NJ. He took some shots of me when I went up there and helped out for a workshop! And he took one of Samantha Nicole and I stuck in a box! Haha.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am so behind it's insanity, not going to into too much detail.

You can check out my flickr few all the new shots, everything else. I will start updating again soon though.

I went to Philadelphia, and Baltimore this month. NYC next month!

Have been having a lot of fun though. I hope everyone's doing well.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy little thing.

Leaving for DC tomorrow, first stop, shooting with Sandy Jones! And then hopefully Mickle Design Werks.

Then hanging out with PK Brazil at his place, Baltimore for Otakon the next day!

Asylum's Wii Party that night.

Shooting with Renee and Michael Woodward on Sunday. A very very busy weekend.

Then Monday hopefully shooting with someone I won't mention, in being scared I might be getting my hopes up way too much! Haha. Or possibly Tuesday.

Joseph Balestra arrives from NH on Tuesday, the mayhem will begin. Along with the epicness. Staying in Richmond/VA Beach area the first week, and then Philadelphia the second. :D Haven't quite started booking for Philly yet, but I am pretty damn excited for it.

Photo by Lindsey Heath from a few months ago. It was quite seriously me just in a normal day. Enjoy. :]

Need to start packing, and stop being lazy.

Oh and I got my haircut last night by the wonderful Jen Jennings. Just cut my dead ends off, and my bangs are super short again.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Are making travel plans so frikkin' hard? Gr. I also really need to give in and get a credit card.

I wish I could go to Philadelphia this weekend! :[ but I'm gonna go to DC instead. It's closer to home and much easier. Haha. :D Oh wells, what can you do?

Joseph Balestra will be here in one week! Book him if you'd like! We'll be in Philadelphia for one weekend, and all around VA/MD for the rest of the time he's here. :3

We plan on being crazy awesome the entire time, which won't be too hard, cause I mean, look at us. amirite.

Picking up Mojokiss tomorrow from the bus station! Excited to meet and work with him! Like crazy!

Worked with Lost For Words yesterday, but we sadly had to cut short because I got stung on my wrist by a wasp! I even asked the wasp why he struck me in such a way, I still don't know how it happened. But geez it hurt, and swelled. Ew.

Here's a crappy webcam photo I took yesterday before my shoot, in my new bedroom, which sadly isn't quite finished yet.

Big bows are love, so is lace. And cute black flats with big bows on them.

Need to plan DC this weekend, my bf needs to wake his ass up and talk to me or something! So hectic today, and it's my day off. Lameeeee.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Been shooting quite a bit lately. Still trying to figure out trips and the such. It's really awful not having the internet at my disposal at all times. :[

Need to fix that, somehow or another. Wish I had the money to just pay the bill every month, but I sadly don't.

But I did put the money down on my MM account, or am going to, once it goes into Mike's bank account. So that's cool.

If you'd like, I will start taking donations to get myself the internet every month, also, I need some new stuff to shoot in (I really want latex), and if you'd like to make a suggestion as to what you would like to see me shoot in (don't say nothing, that's not nice!), you can e-mail me at racheldashaemodel@yahoo.com.

Headline it "outfit blog" or something, so I know it's not spam. :D And if you'd like to make a donation, here is my paypal.

Also, I will mention you (if you'd like) in my blog, myspace, deviantart journal, livejournal, or if it's a donation for an outfit, I will credit you for donating for the outfit in anywhere the photos make go up.

And it can help me with trips in the future, etc, etccccccccc.

On with the photos, oh, and I need to post some other stuff up from the before shoot, where Marcus Hyde showed me this huge print he did of me! I'm also the front of his business cards, which made me excited. >D The little things make me happy in life. (not little to me though, actually a huge deal in my head, but some people just think I'm silly.)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


My zivity account is back up and running, so add me please! RachelDashae@Zivity.com

Debating on whether or not to put the money down to get 20 more pictures a month on MM. I don't own a credit card, so until I can go to the bank and put some money into my bf's account, I have time to think about it, haha.

Oh, and happy 4th of July everyone! Gonna go out soon with my family and see fireworks, waiting for my mom to finish cookin up some yummy burgers. :]

NJ/NY in two weeks, that's if we can get the gas and stuff to ggooo. :[ I'm crossing my fingers!

Joseph Balestra will be here in a little over two weeks. Philadelphia the weekend after! Gotta book!

Possible San Fransisco trip at the end of August, into the beginning of September. Sweet jesus.

And Boston/ Southern NH possibly at the beginning of August. Mmm, fun, fun.

New stuff!

First from Corwin Prescott back in May when I went to Philadelphia. I hearts Corwin, he's fucking awesome, and that's the only way to describe him, haha. I got to shoot with the fox, he's such a ladies man.

.... Ladies.

Next is a promo shot for zivity.com for Ynot Photography. Not sure when the set will go up, but I'm gonna hope for soon, and hopefully it'll be bitchin. These pictures are teh sex, I really didn't even know I had it in me! Seriously!

Next shots are from when I went to Boston/NH. Shot with the really cool Karen Jerzyk Photography. She was really cool, and we snuck into some kick ass locations. I'm hoping to work with her again if I go back up there. :]

That dress was insanity, and she made the hat I'm wearing in these shots! They're pretty creepy, and I look like a little kid. Haha.

Mmmm. Now food's done and I'm starving! Gotta get some strength if I'm gonna start blowin crap up!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Brand new day

Need to start thinking more about my health lately! Need to get back into the swing of eating better and such. :] Shouldn't be too hard, I've only been straying for a few weeks, but I can already feel it taking a toll on my body. Booooo.

4th of July tomorrow! What's everybody doing? My boyfriend and I are going to spend time with my family. :] Yayness.

Trying to schedule things, booking more and more in advance. It's nice to have the internet, jesus christ. Too bad I have to go back to my house with no internet soon. :[

Buuuuttt, a photo update.

Another shot by Brian Burk, with me wearing Victoria Velvet's work. Which I can't put enough stress on how completely gorgeous it is! Make-up by Designs by LJ, and hair by Danielle Downs. Ennjoooyy! :D

Next shots are from JohnnyB in Baltimore. We worked together after the Baltimore M+G at his studio. With sexy purple latex! We had a few people hold it, and constantly joked about me being a slingshot! Lawl. It would've been pretty easy to fling me, so yeah. Good times nonetheless.

Pretty short post today. I've gotten myself caught up on a lot, so yay for that. :]

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I was pleasantly surprised when a friend of mine messaged me through myspace, and said he had seen me in RVAMAG. Which is a small magazine spread across Richmond city, I've been known to randomly pick them up in coffee shops, or look at the articles online. :D It's very awesome, and local.

Kimberly Frost was featured in their photography section and she has a full interview, they used a few of the photos she took of me for the article. It's up online, and in news stands based around the Richmond area. Veeerry excited! I thought it was so cool.

Have just finished getting my car fixed up, and sitting with the boyfriend. Been pretty relaxing, I had a shoot yesterday, and we went to the beach. Today the bf and I are gonna go and hang out with some friends at their pool, then tomorrow back to Richmond to spend 4th of July with my family. Hopefully it'll relieve a little stress that's been raging for the past few weeks.

Some more shots from Matt Mullen, from the Primal Stare Studios workshop. All sets made by owners of Primal Stare, make-up by ladyxbird, and hair by Abby.

Next shot (or shots) is from the amazing Dana Tarr. Who was an absolute pleasure when I went to visit Boston a month ago. He was a lot of fun, he took us to a really neat little concert thing, we shot around, and showed us this crazy vintage store! I need to live in there, it made my heart soar! Haha.

Wardrobe was provided by Chris at Circa Vintage Clothing. The dress was a 60's or 70's middle school cheerleader outfit.

First shots back from when I went to the Patapsco State Park meet and greet in Baltimore. I shot with Mickle Design Werks, hair and make-up by Faces by Tonja Johnson. They were both such a huge pleasure to work with. Shooting this was a blast though, haha.

Public parks, semi nudity, and kids on bikes, obviously don't mix. I heard "OMG, that girl is in her underwear!" from a distance. Eeesh.

Yay. Now for a shot from the awesome Joseph Balestra. Who is actually coming and visiting the sooouuffff in a few weeks. He'll be here for two weeks shooting, book him, and I'll be driving, haha. We plan on a trip to Philadelphia, and possibly driving back up to NH. Oh snap.

We took this while I was up in the Boston/NH area, Joseph was kind enough to drive me everywhere, shoot with me, and just make sure I was taken care of. :D He's awesome in other words! We went to a beach in NH, even with it being cloudy, windy, and 45 degrees outside, it was a beautiful beach. I'd love to see it in the heart of the summer, I'm sure it's gorgeous.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's hot in VA right now

I feel like the hair on my arm is gonna catch on fire. But I am going to the beach with my boyfriend tomorrow!

Getting my car fixed, it'll probably be a few days for it be running up and like new again. Poor baby, I've abused it. :[ And I miss my cats! Boo.

Going to NJ in a few weeks. After that, Philadelphia with Joseph Balestra. Will also be traveling through MD, and the such. :D Yaaay. Then maybe NH after that! Who knows! We're still planning!

Maybe Baltimore, and NC in the near future as well. >]

Here are photo updates. :
More shots from DWFotos in Chesapeake. Now I'm a sailor of the skies! Or a pilot, whichever you'd like to call it. ;D Styling all my DW, make-up by me.

Shots from Brian Burk, from Sam and I's trip to NJ. Brian drove us out to Philadelphia our first day being there, we got some latex, and shot in the beautiful (haha) city of Philly. Hair and make-up by Alayna Marie.

Then we shot Victoria Velvet's stuff in Central Park on Sunday! It was a little rainy out that day, but totally worth it. Make-up by designs by lj, and hair by Danielle Downs.

Another shot from one of my favorite artists, Cannibalized. Playing with liquid latex can be pretty damn fun sometimes. :D

Shots from Ynot Photography. The black and white ones are absolutely amazing. This shoot was really laid back, and we played in the pool afterwards! Haha. He's always a pleasure to be around.

The blue shot is a promo for a zivity set. Hopefully it'll go live soon!

Shot at the beginning of June, here's a shot from Cobblestone Studios. He's an amazing guy! We totally had sheetz iced coffee too, yummy. Haha.

First shots from the Primal Stare Studio workshop in NJ. Photos by Matt Mullen. Hair by Abby. Make-up by ladyxbird. All sets made by Primal Stare Studio.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yaaaaaay, updating, Yaaaay.

I saw yay waaaay too much for my own good. And I have not been able to update almost at all! It makes me so upset! So now the updating begins... again, and will probably be gone for a little while again, since I will be busy, and internetless at my house.

I went to NJ/NY. I shot with a few people while I was up there and had so much fun at the Primal Stare Studios workshop, those kids are innnnssaaanely fuckin cool. And Sam (built4sin) is the raddest sickest nastiest wicked chick ever (oh god, inside jokes are fuckin gnarly sick, haha.) :D

Hopefully will have behind the scene shots soon! We had fun with the drive, stopping and getting the best cheesecake in MD, fuck yeah.

Definitely have a lot more work from when I was in New England.

Will be in NJ/NY AGAIN! In a few weeks. Going out to the Baltimore M+G this weekend with Sam. Scheduling a weekend in Philadelphia soon, then Joseph Balestra will be here from July 21st- August 5th. Book him, book me, we'll be together, driving up and down the east coast for a few days atleast. :D Yaaays. So much fun.

Oh my god, I just noticed it's 2 AM. wth. On with the picture updating.

Some more shots from Cannibalized and her fuckin' awesome self! Make-up and hair is by Nikk Noir. Thanks to Joseph Balestra for helping us with lights and stuuuufff. I love being creepy!

I miss all of them so much too, I wanna go back up there sooo bad! Anyone wanna drrriive there? :D I'll help with gas, and hook you up with some bitchin' ass photographers/models.

More from New England! The ever amazing Dastardly Dave in Manchester, NH. He's so awesome, I can't even take it, haha. So much fun, easy to talk to, I just feel bad because I was soooo tired the day we shot together! By the end of my trip, I wanted to fall into a coma. But we got some good work.

Ben and Molly Make-up
(Miss Emma) joined us that night to do the studio set. Her and I had so much fun, for the second time meeting eachother, we even cuddled and watched silly videos on Dave's couch for atleast an hour, before I almost fell asleep sitting there. Hee.

The river set was neat though, it was pretty dirty, but totally worth it, it wasn't even that cold, which I was surprised. :] And thanks to Joe for killing a huge spider for me!

And now for another shot from Serena Star Photography in NJ. Make-up and hair by her as well. This photo got a daily deviation on DA not too long ago on her profile. :D So congrats to her, it was exciting!

Two new shots from shooting last week with DwFotos in Chesapeake. They were good fun people, the shoots were short and sweet, and we got some really amazing work with cool concepts. Hope you like. Styling all by them, make-up by me.

Oh, and now I have a twitter, make sure you add me! It's worth it! I promise! http://www.twitter.com/racheldashae