Friday, January 30, 2009

These soles are useless without you.

Not much going on. My boyfriend's out of town, and I'm sort of freaking out and hoping my cats are okay.

I need to start packing for my trip this weekend. I may need to see if I can come back early, just so I can go and make sure my babies are okay. D: I'm such a psycho!

My bestfriend's 21st birthday party is tonight. It will be nice to actually get out of the house for a little while, it's rare I ever go out anymore. I'm not sure why, but I've just become more of a homebody the last couple of months. But I'm a pretty family oriented person, so I try to spend most of my time with my little brothers while I'm at home, or not with my boyfriend.

I've also been thinking of maybe starting a non-nude paid site. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it yet, but I do like the idea. It would be a lot of upkeep, but I know if I could just make my money from that then I could definitely do it. It would hold a lot of my personal life, sets, self-taken sets, videos, etc. If anyone has an opinion or anything, please let me know.

Other than that, not much going on. I did get another shot from the NY Fantasy Photo Shoot Off from MB Photo 13. He's really incredible. I hope my NYC trip goes through so I can get a chance to work with him. :]

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My girl's got a big mouth.

I'm pretty sure Weezer wrote a song about me. wth Weezer.

I've been in a fairly strange mood lately. Not sure if it'll pass soon. But I hope so. Just overanalyzing "useless" things. But things that are fairly important to me. I want it to go away. I don't like when I get like this.

I went to Virginia Beach yesterday and shot with Foonote Photography while he was in my area. I brought Jo Moses with me, and we shot a few sets together. It was a good trip there and back. Foonote's a really great guy and he got a lot of really amazing shots. I was watching him go through them while we were all sitting around inbetween, haha.

But here's two shots he gave me so far. Very very cool stuff.

I'm going to work with Aliona and her husband Corrupt Image Data this weekend. We're going to do quite a few sets, including some for her clothing line Collective Chaos Design and her body painting AKABodyArt. Getting ready for the trip to come.

Oh, and in other news, I'm hopefully going to Boston in the next two weeks. I talked to Mathew today, and it seems everything is working out.

Make sure to check out my birthday wishlist one post below please! I would seriously love some gifts. :[ I'm needy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sooo sick.

I still have this terrible cold. I was running a fever last night, but I think I sweat most of it while I was sleeping. Thank bejeebus. But I still feel like poop. I've just been sitting around the house, which is pretty abnormal for me.

I have a shoot with Footnote Photography tomorrow with Kim as well. I need to start packing. I'm waiting for my load of laundry to be done. D: I hate packing!

But anyways, my birthday is in a month, and if you know me, I'm absolutely poor. It'll be my 21st birthday. My ONLY 21st birthday, ever. :[ You should buy me a gift! Or put some money in my paypal account so I can get myself something nice! God knows I need some new stuff before I go insane. xD

Here's a few lists.

Really pretty jewelry I want for my ears.

Clothing wishlist on Amazon

Shoe wishlist on Amazon

Or donate to my paypal so I can get a few things for myself, can pay for my travel to places if need be. Pay my cellphone bill, etc.

I'd also really love to have this phone, and I can upgrade my Sprint account and change my number to a VA number. It's on sale for 80 with a 50 dollar rebate. :D Donate so I can has it. :[

Anything can be sent to this address 4713 APT # 202 Windsong Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23455. *Crosses fingers*

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick sickly.

I am sssoooo sick. It sucks so bad. I got up this morning and my head felt like it was going to explode. I'm going to try and make this fairly short (even though I have quite a bit to talk about, ha, nerdface.) cause I'm feeling more and more nauseous by the second.

The Heroes update is I'm on the 3rd season, and halfway in, lawl. That show is getting absolutely ridiculous to the point where I'm wondering who else is going to be someone else's kid, half sister, 5th cousin, whatever the hell. They're all inbred, that's how it happened!

Oh! I am also scheduling a small trip to DC in the next week or so, going to stop by and shoot with a few people on the way up to a paid shoot in MD.

And, I may be going to Boston in the next two weeks for Poison Applez inc which features models such as Mosh, Raquel Reed, Apnea and so much more talent. In other words I'm excited and extremely flattered to be on a website with amazing people. Plus, I get to work with a lot of really amazing photographers, and it helps my portfolio immensly.

Going to Philadelphia in March, have scheduled with a few people, and will be staying with the awesome JessYSais and Josh Bender. I'm really excited for shooting, but also actually being around really great people my entire stay!

SNAPMUP is in March, going to be working with a lot of talent there as well such as MojoKiss, Dastardly Dave, Cannibalized, and Steve Prue, plus others. This will be crucial, and I'm really lucky to have the chance.

I am trying to schedule a trip for NY in April. Still trying to figure out dates. :[

I really want to go to LA in May too, I have a few places to stay now, and would like to maybe try and get my expenses paid to come down and do work there. I just don't know exactly how to get started doing that.

But anyways, I did get photos back from Jason Harbour/ Asylum. We worked together about a month ago. Finally! But they's amazing so who am I to complain? Haha. Most of the hair and make-up was done by Glitterbaby and Anna Evans MUA. Very great sets, I'm really proud of it. Plus, they're a really great team.

The sets were fun to make. Chocolate syrup's awesome. Getting balls in someone's hair isn't as impossible as you may think. And these are my first bull body implied nudes. Woooott.


Oh yeah. I'm creepy. Haha. I eat joor teddy bear's brains. nomnomnom. I also have a new photo from Christopher Griese.

Yay, more of cold New York, haha.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Always more!

I stayed up late last night watching Heroes and The Office. Ha. I'm such a nerd. I'm having a nice time just sitting around my boyfriend's apartment with my cats. :D

I did get a new photo from Marcus Hyde yesterday from when we shot about a month ago. It was pretty random and unexpected. But then we scheduled another date for February. So yay.

It's a very lovely shot. I likes it a lot. :D

I also have a lot of images back from my trip to NY last weekend. So here we go again, with more really awesome images. :D Yaaaayy.

Photos by Paul Tirado Photography. I hung out with him and Max Saturday night before the event and we took these photos in the hotel room. It was fun, haha. Never really shot in a hotel and actually used what was literally set infront of us. :D

Photo by MB Photo 13. Another shot of playing by the pool. He never ceases to amaze me. I'm currently planning a trip to NYC for maybe sometime in April hopefully. He is definitely on my list on who I want to work with while I'm up there.

Photo by Christopher Griese. While I was in NY, I stayed 'till Monday (this is also when I worked with Alien Life.) I forgot to mention where we were shooting, I'm not entirely sure the location since I followed people there, but it was a really cool abandoned building, and it was freezing outside. But Chris and I got some really cool, haunting like shots.

Photo by Randy Tay. We shot this on Monday as well. He was a really funny guy. These shots maybe took 2 minutes, haha.

I'm gonna post some wishlists soon for my birthday. xD Haha.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Alien Life

Last night went really well. I shot with Stuntkid with Jane Doe Latex, and it was amazing. Best latex ever, I was extremely impressed. Plus, Stuntkid is a great guy to be around, and was really happy to work with him again after all this time. Hopefully it won't be two years before we work together again. I guess I can only cross my fingers.

My boyfriend and I also have a two week trial of netflix right now, and I am trying to be patient till he comes home so we can watch the second season of Heroes. (I hate following stuff on TV, it drives me insane, so I always wait 'till the full seasons come out.)

But other than that, not too much going on. Waiting for several things to come into play, and my cell phone has been turned off, so that does make that a bit harder. I've been needing to get on AIM as well, but it's hard to, I always get bombarded when I only want to talk to like two people.

I got photos in from Alien Life/ Alfred. He was amazing to work with. Very quick and thorough. And a nice guy ontop of it. He made sure I wasn't freezing my tousche off too bad! As I said before, the snow was coming down hardcore while I was up in NY. Alfred and I definitely took advantage of that. It was beautiful outside. I love the snow. This work is some of my favorite. It's one of those sets, I can't believe it's even me, and I just keep staring. I'm so proud of it, it's really gorgeous. Alfred's amazing.

When I came home that night I checked the weather for NY that day around the time we were shooting. It was 12 degrees.

This isn't the whole set, you can see the rest of my flickr account. Hope everyone's doing well. And oh! My birthday is in a month.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

NY Fantasty Photo shoot off now with pictars!

Just got a chance last night to sift through the photos from the shoot off last night, and finally get them posted on my flickr. So here they are, with of course a little explanation between each ones and such.

Photo by 2 The Max Photography, who helped me with this trip a lot. He helped me with a place to stay, food, and gas. He was really fun to work with, he's really laid back. Very excited to get more back from him.

Photo by David Garcia Photography. Which I believe was one of the Boston boys, is what I am now calling them, haha. They were all really funny, fighting over 5 minutes of shooting time. Great guys. I got all of their names, but it's hard to put them to faces with all the craziness.

Photo by MB Photo 13. He grabbed me as I was walking by and we took this shot near the pool. (This location was filled to the brim with great places to shoot.) I've been a fan of his work since I've practically started. It was amazing meeting him and working with him. He was awesome! Him and I talked a lot while I was there. He makes me want to come back up to NY. :D

Photos by Silhouetto/ Noam Galai. Him and I had a one on one shoot, he had agreed to also help me with my travel expenses. He was extremely patient, and very nice. I would definitely work with him again. Hair is by Jenistyles, who is an amazing hair stylist, and everyone was lucky to have her and her friend Tia with her. Ontop of it, they were really down to earth and really fun to talk to.

Photo by AlphaNYC. He snapped off a few shots with his fisheye lens when I was shooting with Noam Galai.

This was the last shot of the night! Haha. Photo by MB Photo 13, other models are Jacqueline Gonzalez, Hawk 22, Nofar Avigdor. We had a lot of fun with this shot, and it was done in probably under 5 minutes. It was way fun!

Tonight I'm going to work with Stuntkid, hopefully shooting some latex. Can't wait!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just got back from NY.

I have returned from NY and have the internet back. This is the first time I've had a chance to actually sit down and start updating. The trip was really fun, I met a lot of really great people, and got to work with most of them.

I can't wait to get most of the images back. The location was really great, and the people setting it up did a really good job. Nothing was too disorganized, most of the people were very polite about asking me about shooting. I never had anyone be rude to me when I said I had to run or I didn't quite have the time that second.

So yeah, I had fun. The drive was a little long, not so much there, but definitely back. I got lost in Queens numerous times being up there, and once in Brooklyn. But I feel like I'm a beast driver now, haha. I drove in Manhattan for the first time and I was so scared, but it really wasn't all that bad. Just crowded.

It also snowed a lot while I was up there. I haven't seen that much snow in almost two years, I was really excited about it. haha, I felt like such a little kid. I took some pictures, I'll have to upload them soon enough.

I worked with a lot of people, and will probably post links to people as I post the photos. :D

But this a photo update, and this was my first photoshoot of 2009 with Cobblestone Studios. I shot in latex, and a few other things. They're definitely great shots. CS and I always work well together, he's a wonderful guy.

This isn't the whole set, but you can check out the rest on my flickr account. There's lots left. :D I didn't want to overload this. Haha.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Way back.

My photo is on the webmercial for snapmup.They didn't say my middle name, I guess they were scared of butchering it. It's all good though, I'm just happy that I'm getting so much more exposure. :D

So my little mini break is almost up. I have to come home from VA Beach tonight, and start packing from NY. Gaaahh. D: I know I'll probably wait 'till the last minute or just slowly but surely get everything done. I also need to figure out what to wear for the day. But I'm sure after I do a little laundry I'll get it all figured it out.

I'm so not looking forward to how cold it's going to be! Heesh. It's cold enough down here for me. I'm so ready for it to be Spring.

After I come back from NY have to come back down to VA Beach, and shoot with Christopher Bautista for Cadaver Rags. Should be exciting. :D

But here's a couple of new photos. One is actually from the Richmond/Petersburg Meet and Greet way back in November. Just got a new photo back from Tim Prendergast. It was probably about 30 degrees outside that day. It was freeezing. I had to have hot packs in my shoes for about 2 hours to get all the feeling back in my toes.

They were well worth it.

I also have a few more images back from Johnny Rocket. I looovve them.