Saturday, January 24, 2009

Always more!

I stayed up late last night watching Heroes and The Office. Ha. I'm such a nerd. I'm having a nice time just sitting around my boyfriend's apartment with my cats. :D

I did get a new photo from Marcus Hyde yesterday from when we shot about a month ago. It was pretty random and unexpected. But then we scheduled another date for February. So yay.

It's a very lovely shot. I likes it a lot. :D

I also have a lot of images back from my trip to NY last weekend. So here we go again, with more really awesome images. :D Yaaaayy.

Photos by Paul Tirado Photography. I hung out with him and Max Saturday night before the event and we took these photos in the hotel room. It was fun, haha. Never really shot in a hotel and actually used what was literally set infront of us. :D

Photo by MB Photo 13. Another shot of playing by the pool. He never ceases to amaze me. I'm currently planning a trip to NYC for maybe sometime in April hopefully. He is definitely on my list on who I want to work with while I'm up there.

Photo by Christopher Griese. While I was in NY, I stayed 'till Monday (this is also when I worked with Alien Life.) I forgot to mention where we were shooting, I'm not entirely sure the location since I followed people there, but it was a really cool abandoned building, and it was freezing outside. But Chris and I got some really cool, haunting like shots.

Photo by Randy Tay. We shot this on Monday as well. He was a really funny guy. These shots maybe took 2 minutes, haha.

I'm gonna post some wishlists soon for my birthday. xD Haha.

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