Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy little thing.

Leaving for DC tomorrow, first stop, shooting with Sandy Jones! And then hopefully Mickle Design Werks.

Then hanging out with PK Brazil at his place, Baltimore for Otakon the next day!

Asylum's Wii Party that night.

Shooting with Renee and Michael Woodward on Sunday. A very very busy weekend.

Then Monday hopefully shooting with someone I won't mention, in being scared I might be getting my hopes up way too much! Haha. Or possibly Tuesday.

Joseph Balestra arrives from NH on Tuesday, the mayhem will begin. Along with the epicness. Staying in Richmond/VA Beach area the first week, and then Philadelphia the second. :D Haven't quite started booking for Philly yet, but I am pretty damn excited for it.

Photo by Lindsey Heath from a few months ago. It was quite seriously me just in a normal day. Enjoy. :]

Need to start packing, and stop being lazy.

Oh and I got my haircut last night by the wonderful Jen Jennings. Just cut my dead ends off, and my bangs are super short again.

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