Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am so happy I get to update! Haha. I never even want to leave my boyfriends and go back to my god forsaken internet-less house. D: And I am so about watching movies today, catching up on a lot of things I've never seen. So yays on that too.

May be going to Philadelphia next week, very last minute, but my SF trip has been canceled, and I took off work already, so wth! Haha. I am excited to be going though, I like it there a lot, and I get to see Corwin! So I will start booking that soon. Once I make sure I have all the funds, which shouldn't be too hard (hopefully.)

Here is another shot from the amazing Brian Burk, hat and collar are by Collective Chaos Design (some of my favorite people.) and make-up is by Designs by LJ. Very awesome people, we took over the studio at the Slyhorse M+G for a little while.

All the next shots are by Sandy Jones. She is aaammaazing! She is so much fun, very laid back, and made my visions come alive. We had a blast, and she's very creative.

Oh, and there are these awesome videos that Sarah Beth Faison took of Jess Hawk, Davood Salek and I shooting together. ---> Here

And one of Sandy Jones and I shooting here (where I wave to Sarah like a nerd) ---> Here

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Samantha Nandez said...

Great shots! I love the shoot you did with Sandy Jones, looks like a lot of fun :D