Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh hi thar

So here are some new shots, and sttuuufff.

I just got back from my trip to MD and Philadelphia. I'm in VA Beach at my boyfriend's house. I went on a cleaning binge, and it's spotless in here. Except my cats are shedding, and it's terrrrible.

MD was a lot of fun with really close friends. Philadelphia was fun with all the hilarious moments, being called an italian, even though it was scorching hot because Corwin's air conditioning broke.

My eye hurts so bad, idk why, fuckin' allergies suck. My Boston trip is two weeks away, and I need to book book book, I'm so tired, and not having the internet at my house is really starting to kill me.

The first shots are from David Hilton, from my trip to Towson, MD way back in March. It was one of those random beautiful days in March.

The next shots are from Sassomoso photography from NYC, we met at snapmup briefly, and he decided to come down to good ol Richmond, VA and shoot all day with your's truly. :D So we did and yay. We had a good time, we found a really sick location and took good advantage of it.

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