Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sorry I've been gone for so long! Just been so backed up on everything lately.Hopefully I'll start to get back on track.

So I went to Boston and did quite a few sets for www.poisonapplez.com . And had a really great time the whole time I was up there. Everyone was really nice, and I so can't wait to go back up there and shoot again!

I got in about 11, and Matt Stephens took me out to get some foodage, talk a little, and then we were off to Dastardly Dave's studio at about 1 or 2, and started shooting. Dave was so much fun the entire time I was there. He's the nicest guy in the world and can't wait to see him again at SNAPMUP in March!

But we shot, it was really great. The next day I was up and we went out to finish up shooting with Dave again, and Bud Thorpe also got a shot of me at the end of the night for his infrared project.

One of the sets that Dave and I shot will probably go up on Zivity hopefully in the near future, I made a zivity page, if you have one, please add me!

Oh and a random add in, I was way excited about all the snow around the area, haha. It was soooo pretty.

And after the shoot with Dave I went out and shot with Rana X and she made me a top (Here's her wardrobe page Exploration B , her work is incredible, the gowns are ggooorrgeous.) She was a lot of fun, and she's so layed back, it was great. Plus, she has amazing taste in Coffee. xD

The next day I went out and shot with Cannibalized, we did two really awesome sets that I so can't wait to get back! She was a lot of fun, and her cats were sooo cute. She's really talented. :D

And then the next day I did a fashion in Providence, RI for the Fetish Flea Market. The designer was Eric X, and his amazing gas masks, goggles, and respirators, you can see them here at brokenbrains.net.

It was so much fun, I met a lot of really great people, and got to dance around and be silly. I like seeing groups in different areas. Maybe because it's almost the exact same anywhere you go, haha. But I did miss my VA group. :] It's nice to be back, I don't really think that up north is really for me. Plus, their accents are pretty annoying. Haha.

I'm in VA Beach right now, I had a shoot with Sarah Beth Faison and Johnny Rocket yesterday. It was fun as always. Kechelle did hair for Sarah and I's first shoot, she's way talented, and a really laid back chick.

It's really nice to be back home. I missed my boyfriend and my cats a lot, haha.

So here are the photos, the first batch are from Dave. One of the sets will be posted on Zivity, and the rest will be on www.poisonapplez.com. He's amazing, seriously!

And here's the shot from Bud Thorpe's infrared project. Came out crazy cool!

Oh, and even though we worked together yesterday, Johnny sent me a few images from way back in December. They're of course very pretty, Johnny's really great.

And the next shot is from BellaGore a few weeks ago. We got me all wet, and it was ssooo cold, hahaha.

I'm so behind on everything right now. Trying to catch up. Going to use the rest of today to do all that jazz.

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