Friday, February 20, 2009

There's always more!

I sat around all day yesterday and finished getting caught up. And I did! Yay! Now everything's back to going in a normal pattern and it's nice. xD

I also watched the rest of The Office season two, and now I'm on season three. Love that show so much. It was a good day. :D

Except my cat's really won't listen to me at all! Booo.

I have some more shots from my Boston trip. The first ones are from Rana X and the top is by her as well, Exploration B is her wardrobe design. Check it out, it's absolutely gorgeous. She did a great job with post production. There's two of me. aaahhhhh.

This photo was shot by Cannibalized. She was really cool, we spray painted my feet white in the cold, and shot in her apartment's basement. xD The pictures are creepy and really incredible. I was so excited to shoot with her, I had to keep my fangirl squeels down to a minimum.

I also shot with M. Stephen Photography and we did a set for . It was actually the first time he set up all the lights by himself. It was way fun, in the fallout basement. xD It twas a tad bit cold though.

Oh and I have some shots back from Sarah Beth Faison, they's so pretty. Hee. The dress didn't really fit all that well, but it turned out amazing anyways. Kechelle did hair and it's awesome! Of course we were giggling the whole time, and it was raining! Hogeez, it let up a little while we were out, but it was gross outside.

Oh and enjoy this photo of my cat Jasper and I, haha. Oh, and don't hate, I was sitting around the house all day yesterday being soooooo lazy! In my glasses and pajamas. Oh and you can see Bearclaw's butt in the back, I couldn't get him to pose with me. xD


Tony said...

Haha, the cat is all fuzzy and soft looking like a panther.

Dan said...

My cat looks almost identical except stoned!