Friday, February 27, 2009


So I have been pretty busy with my day job, getting business cards done with Louis (who is an amazing illustrator and graphic designer, and a very good friend of mine. Check him out.) We also went out and got some food and milkshakes tonight! Yuuusss.

And we left some signs around the restaraunt. I totally should have computerphonecamera'd it! Haha. It was pretty fun.

I had a shoot last night with Kimberly Frost and Vamps and Vixens Make-up. It was an amazingly elaborate set, and just really fun being around them. The pictures are going to be incredible, I know it! :D Yay! Can't wait to have them.

But I did get some stuff back from the runway show in Providence, RI two weeks ago when I visited Boston! The show was for and the photos were taken by Dastardly Dave

I do have some more shots from working with Jay London last weekend.

Oh, and I have photos back from working with Enjen Photography and her construction paper project. I was very intrigued, and it's so freakin' cute it hurts, haha. I love being silly, it made me happy to have a bit of a different thing going on than usual. And she was a lot of fun, and her house is really cool! Haha.

Going out to VA Beach this weekend since I don't have to work, yaaayy, and working with JMB Photography. Very excited. It'll be good to see my cats too. :]

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