Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am slipping..

More and more behind on updates lately. Thankfully I have been keeping up on my deviantart account which is the most behind right now, but I'm picking it up. Been working a lot, which isn't exactly what I signed up for, but what can you do.

Getting things ready for SNAPMUP, and this weekend I'm shooting with Luminous Impressions and Zui. Should be fun! :D

I've also been thinking of making a video lately of FAQ's. I don't have too many FAQ's, but if you wish, post some questions here, and whatever ones are asked the most I will answer! I has a few lined up already, plus, it'll be an awesome excuse to finally make a video! Haha.

Other than slipping behind on updates but still attempting a social life, not much has been up, I miss my boyfriend a lot and sort of wish I had more time on my hands again. But none the less, I still have a lot of pictures to update with, and here you go!

Photos by David Hilton. Stopped in Baltimore on the way home from Philadelphia. He was a lot of fun, and we got to run around outside quite a bit. :D

Shots from back in February, from Kollin Bliss, I'm glad to finally have these back, they're beautiful! :D Hair is by Jen Jennings. We had a lot of fun, especially with tricking everyone with my hair being so short, haha!

From M Stephens Photography from when I went to Boston also in February. Shot in the basement, it was a bit chilly. :]

From one of my favorite photographers I've worked with, and in general, Corwin Prescott and I shot till about 3 AM Saturday night while I was in Philadelphia. I really wish we could've shot more, but hopefully we'll have more opportunities in the future. We also had a variety of inside jokes from the weekend and he was a lot of fun to be around. :D I feel great when I can be around someone I can joke around with, and they actually.. get it. .... Ladies.

Hope everyone's doing good. Ontop of being behind, I need to clean so bad. :0


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Fabian said...

Beyond beautiful!! I am also following you on your DA account! Really beautiful inspiration you are!
Hugs! :)

Stelios said...

beautifull portraits !