Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh teh schmexyness

Still working on some scheduling, watching Heroes, and looking through some photos. :D

Here are some more shots from Jimmy C and with Zui.

Also modeling some Scarlet Bliss Latex. Teh sex.

Also another shot from Kollin Bliss from like a month ago when we shot, haha. It's way cute. I loves it. Hair is by Jen Jennings.

Oh and I finally got this back from forever ago, it's an ad from Syke Energy Drink. Here you go guys.

Oh yeah, and I have lots of behind the scenes shots from when I shot with Tina Dolin in West Reading, PA during my Philadelphia trip. Sarah Beth Faison took them.

Myself and stylist Nicole Rae Styer.

Tina shooting!

Tina, myself and Nicole.

That's all for now, but more soon I prrrooommise.

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Samantha Nandez said...

Behind the scenes photos are always fun! Great work :D