Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh wow, what a trip!

So I had this really long blog written out and then blogger deleted it, I am way too tired to even begin trying to figure out how the hell to rewrite it without stabbing my eyes out.

Instead, I'll just put up pics, and a small brief note. Sorry guys.

But briefly, I went to Philadelphia, shot with some really amazing people, and had a damn good time.

This is back from when I went to Boston, photo by Cannibalized, you will be able to see the rest if the set on We stuck me in this little tiny box nekkid, haha. It's a beautiful set, it really is.

This is back a few weeks ago shooting with Kimberly Frost, this set was amazing, so much stuff to play with. Make-up by Vamps and Vixens Make-up.

These shots are the first from my Philly trip! Shot by Serena Star, and make-up done by her as well (her make-up profile). Belly dancer outfit, and top hat made by Scarlet Fairy. What an amazing team. Serena's a lot of fun, and we had a lot of fun shooting, we both love flowers and ruffles. xD

One of my favorite photographer's I've worked with ever! Seriously. Tina Dolin is a genius, and so easy to work with. :D The make-up was done by Roxy and the styling (in everything except for the creepy umbrella pictures) was done by Nicole Rae Styer.

I'll be updating more soon, I'm really backed up on stuff right now. :3


Samantha Nandez said...

Really great photos, you're doing so much work, that's awesome!

ToKiO HoTeL - MuSiC FoR A BrOkEn HeArT said...

wow baby, this is amazing, I LOVE these pics, I see she really made a good job, but again, I don't think a photographer can do such a good jub without a model like you *__* you're completely perfect, I love your eyes, your hair, your attitude...... you rock, you were born to be a model, no matter if you're tall or short, you're the best and will always be =)