Monday, April 6, 2009


Gots new photos from Ynot Photography! But I will post them in just a second.

Getting scheduling ready for the Slyhorse M+G in Rockville MD on the 25th. Hopefully see some awesome people there. :D But I'll be in MD the whole weekend! I'm pretty excited.

I'm trying to plan a trip to the DC zoo this week with my friends. I'm crossin' mah fingers! :D

Here are some photos!

Photo by Johnny Rocket, from way back in February!

By Ynot Photography. We shot the other day, it was so much fun, he was really great, I'd love to shoot again just to hang out~! Haha. But we got into strange little crevices, funtimes.

Also, have some more shots from Snapmup!

Doe Deere from Lime Crime doing my make-up!

Doe Deere from Lime Crime and I right after she was done with the make-up!

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Stef Toxic. Clothing Designer. Smut Peddler. said...

These pictures are awesome, but make me feel bummed at the same time. I totally could have been styling you. sigh...