Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All alone.

At my boyfriend's! With my cats. Heeeeee. Bein' mad lazy, and lovin' it.

Been a little stressed out lately, and quite underjoyed to be honest. I'm ready to travel soon, I'm so glad this trip to MD is coming in the next two weeks, and I'm pretty sure I'm already booked, which is happy. :] Yay.

I really wanna go to NYC. I'm so ready for it. Wooooo. But I need to get my breaks on my car fixed.

Been trying to catch up on my reading, and I'm glad I'm at my bf's, cause now I can get my tripod, take some self portrait work, and work on photoshop skillzors. Also, get my FAQ video started, which shouldn't take me too long to do.

Right now, here are some pictures, going to catch up on some things and watch the rest of Degrassi (3rd season.) :]

Photos by Sarah Beth Faison, one from Feb, and one from March. She's awesome.

Photo by Joseph Balestra, we shot coming back from SNAPMUP I stopped at Primal Stare Studios and we shot in the woods behind the studio building.

I really hate Jersey, what a crappy state, haha. But Joe was awesome. Make-up is by the lovely Asphyxia, and wardrobe is by the incredible Rana X of Exploration B.

I love all those guys, I wanna visit up there so bad. :]

Next shots are headshots taken by CLT, who's awesome and such a nice guy, he's been out of town for a long time, I'm gonna go and visit him in June, it'll be great. These are from January.

But anyways, I'm going nuts and going into crazy staring at shoes all day mode, and I would die for a pair of these right now:

Gaaaah, so cute. I'm so poor right now, it's terrible.

Someone buy me some cute shoes, and some cute plugs for mah ears. :3


frank said...

hey rae
where do you get those shoes
and i will start saving just pour voux
eff tee

S. John Ross said...

Sorry to hear you've been underjoyed, but glad to hear you're decompressing.

A said...

degrassi is awesome!

Stef Toxic. Clothing Designer. Smut Peddler. said...

I have those shoes! Recommended!