Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'm pretty tired, and not much going on lately.

I went out and shot with Ynot Photography yesterday. Him and his wife were so much fun, we talked a lot, laughed, and joked, I loved it. The shots are amazing and I'm so excited to get them back, they're beautiful!

But I does have a lot more new shots to put up! :D

These are from Jimmy C, I also modeled with the pretty little Zui! I also shot some Scarlet Bliss Latex. Jimmy and Zui were a lot of fun. I hope I get to see them in the future, they're sweet people. :]

Alsssoo! Another shot from when I was in Philadelphia! Actually, Gregory Keith was my first stop. He was really funny, we listened to music, watched tv, shot, and just chilled out. The shots he gave me so far are incredible. Can't wait to see more. :]

Oh and some shots from SNAPMUP! I didn't really talk to too many people while I was there that I shot with sadly, it was a madhouse!

But the first is from Dragon Ink Photography, who was one of the collaborative photographers at SNAPMUP. :]

The next shot is from Sassomoso Photography and the make-up is by Doe Deere of Lime Crime Make-up. I loved Doe Deere by the way, she's amazing, cute, and oh so nice. :]

Oh, and I has lots more shots from SNAPMUP! Ennjjooyy. Hee.


cannibalized said...

Wow @ the first one, but all are great. You are very versatile. I need to do a blog with my lil pics of you soon!

Jennifer [StarKnight Captain 'Sunshine'] said...

I <3 your images. They're the awesomeness!