Friday, July 10, 2009


Been shooting quite a bit lately. Still trying to figure out trips and the such. It's really awful not having the internet at my disposal at all times. :[

Need to fix that, somehow or another. Wish I had the money to just pay the bill every month, but I sadly don't.

But I did put the money down on my MM account, or am going to, once it goes into Mike's bank account. So that's cool.

If you'd like, I will start taking donations to get myself the internet every month, also, I need some new stuff to shoot in (I really want latex), and if you'd like to make a suggestion as to what you would like to see me shoot in (don't say nothing, that's not nice!), you can e-mail me at

Headline it "outfit blog" or something, so I know it's not spam. :D And if you'd like to make a donation, here is my paypal.

Also, I will mention you (if you'd like) in my blog, myspace, deviantart journal, livejournal, or if it's a donation for an outfit, I will credit you for donating for the outfit in anywhere the photos make go up.

And it can help me with trips in the future, etc, etccccccccc.

On with the photos, oh, and I need to post some other stuff up from the before shoot, where Marcus Hyde showed me this huge print he did of me! I'm also the front of his business cards, which made me excited. >D The little things make me happy in life. (not little to me though, actually a huge deal in my head, but some people just think I'm silly.)


frank said...

the top pic is incredible,
how do tights get those lines on em?

Deanna said...

You should check out The majority of there latex is cheap/good quality :)

RachelDashae said...

Oooo. I will! Thanks hun!

David said...

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