Monday, July 13, 2009


Are making travel plans so frikkin' hard? Gr. I also really need to give in and get a credit card.

I wish I could go to Philadelphia this weekend! :[ but I'm gonna go to DC instead. It's closer to home and much easier. Haha. :D Oh wells, what can you do?

Joseph Balestra will be here in one week! Book him if you'd like! We'll be in Philadelphia for one weekend, and all around VA/MD for the rest of the time he's here. :3

We plan on being crazy awesome the entire time, which won't be too hard, cause I mean, look at us. amirite.

Picking up Mojokiss tomorrow from the bus station! Excited to meet and work with him! Like crazy!

Worked with Lost For Words yesterday, but we sadly had to cut short because I got stung on my wrist by a wasp! I even asked the wasp why he struck me in such a way, I still don't know how it happened. But geez it hurt, and swelled. Ew.

Here's a crappy webcam photo I took yesterday before my shoot, in my new bedroom, which sadly isn't quite finished yet.

Big bows are love, so is lace. And cute black flats with big bows on them.

Need to plan DC this weekend, my bf needs to wake his ass up and talk to me or something! So hectic today, and it's my day off. Lameeeee.

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S. John Ross said...

Best crappy webcam photo ever.